How To Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

Grow business LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that can allow you can your business to move up the ladder. By facilitating connections and visibility, you can showcase your brand and increase sales. The app creates allows you to market your business to its over 774 million users. By creating a community on the app, you will be able to gain customers and connections, allowing your brand to thrive. Here are some tips on how to grow your business using LinkedIn.

1. Examine analytics

LinkedIn analytics can be a powerful tool in order to gauge your audience. Through analyzing the data, you can discover what content is popular with your audience and finds success. Additionally, it may help you find the weaker points on your profile so you can make positive changes in the future.

Not only can you see what posts people like, but you can also see your audience demographic. By learning more about your target audience and seeing their fields, you can adjust your content properly.

2. Utilize imagery

Naturally, people are very visual-based. On social media platforms, such as LinkedIn they are no different, as posts with photos typically grab people’s attention.

By adding imagery to your posts, you will increase engagement and grow your business with LinkedIn. Look at your own home page on the platform and notice how many posts integrate visuals and how these posts stand out the most to you.

Some imagery you may want to integrate includes:

  • Infographics
  • Photos
  • Documents

3. Use different features

LinkedIn has a variety of different features that will allow your post to stand out, while also keeping your audience engaged. By posting many different types of content you stand out and will have users returning to your page.

Many of these features bear resemblance to tools on other platforms. This makes them easy to understand and use, while also bringing over the fun of other platforms onto professional LinkedIn.

Some of these features include:

  • Polls
  • LinkedIn Stories
  • LinkedIn Live
  • Reactions

4. Add hashtags

A great way to make your posts more visible and fun is by adding hashtags. Integrating hashtags into your posts allows more than just your audience to see your posts. Therefore, they can allow you to grow your business on LinkedIn.

Add relevant hashtags to your posts. Then if someone is interested in this topic and searches it, your post will appear. Also, using only a few relevant hashtags prevents your content from looking like spam.

5. Attach videos

Nothing seems to grab people’s attention quite like a video. Try integrating them into your content to pull your audience in.

Not only are videos attention-grabbing, but they can hold viewers’ attention for longer. This will help boost your content up on more people’s feeds.

Videos also tend to stick in people’s memory more than a regular post. You can use existing videos your business already has if you don’t want to create original ones just for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can allow your brand to get more visibility. Various tools on LinkedIn can draw attention to your content and make users remember your brand. Try out these tips to grow your business on LinkedIn.

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Grow business LinkedIn

Alaine Meier is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the College of the Holy Cross and is studying economics and environmental studies.

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