Gifting can be stressful. Getting a gift for a businesswoman? Even more stressful.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for the businesswoman (or women) in your life!

15 Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

1. Coffee Mug

Caffeine is the lifeblood of the modern businesswoman or female entrepreneur. Many people can’t start their day without it. This lovely mug will provide her with that extra motivation while she enjoys her morning coffee or tea!

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2. Portable Charger

This portable charger is a great gift idea for a businesswoman who is always sending emails and taking phone calls. Get her this cute portable charger for when she’s on-the-go and in need of a charge!

9 Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

3. Briefcase

This cute briefcase is perfect for someone who goes back and forth from the office every day or a work-at-home woman who wants to head to the local coffee shop for a change of scenery while she works. Use the removable strap to carry it as a messenger back, a backpack, or even a tote bag.

9 Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

4. Planner

Planners are essential in staying organized, a very important thing for a working woman. This cute 2019 planner is the perfect gift as 2018 comes to an end.

9 Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

5. Pens

Pens are a great stocking stuffer to give to a businesswoman. Even in this day and age where every word seems to be typed on a computer or a phone, a set of pens are a nice change of pace. Not to mention, an office supply essential!

6. Watch

Watches are a timeless holiday gift. They’re pretty, useful, and make a great accessory! Check out this simple gold watch that will help a working woman stay on time and match her outfit.

9 Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

7. Water Bottle

Hydration is important to everyone, especially for someone hard at work! It’s easy to forget to drink water. With this cute water bottle, anyone would be encouraged to keep drinking until it’s time for a refill!

8. Business card holder

Gift this cute business card holder so she can stay organized while she networks! The business card holder has the option to be personalized as well.

9. Scented calming candles

The workforce is a stressful place, let every day in your life unwind with the help of these cute, calming candles infused with rose petals!

10. Spa Box

Everyone deserves a bit of self-love with our crazy busy schedules taking over. People don’t have the time to pamper themselves, but we have to treat our selves ladies, and others around us! It’s time to take time to relax! A typical spa box includes soap, facemask, candle, bath tea bag, bath bomb, and bath salts.

Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

11. Chunky Knit Blanket

The holidays bring out the best but also bring in the COLD! Hot cocoa, tea, or comfy pajama’s don’t cut it to save us from the winter chills. No better time than to stay in, watch Netflix all day and all night with a lovely handmade blanket.

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12. Laptop Desk/Stand

There’s no better comfort than in your home, and the ability to be in your pajamas while working is just the best feeling. Finding a comfortable spot to do work is a challenge, due to needing a laptop, tablet, notebook, regular book, pen, etc. A laptop desk/stand can provide all of the listed items with complete comfort!

Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

13. Boss T-Shirt

We all need a t-shirt for our casual days, or for our killer street style outfit. Whatever the need is, girl power is trending and it’s not going anywhere. We all need to represent! #ladyboss #bosslady 

14. Wine Lip Scrub

Wine Lovers Rejoice! For many of us, wine is our go-to drink for a girl’s night or pure relaxation. Mix wine all day mentality, with chapped lips, and you get one of the greatest mini gifts. Wine flavored lip scrub, with a fantastic smell!

15. Personalized Makeup Bag

Every business woman uses at least one item, such as chapstick, but most use the basics such as mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss. Whether you are an avid makeup lover or a more casual makeup person, it’s always nice to have a cute bag to store it all!

Best Gifts From Etsy For The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

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