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Barefoot Rosé v.s. Vie Vité Rosé

Wine review on ladybossblogger by Elaine Rau

I didn’t used to like wine, but after trying a variety of wines over the past few years, my taste buds have either grown accustomed to it or developed a liking for it! I started off with sweet white wines, but now I’m more of a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio kind of girl. I’ve recently started dabbling with Rosés, specifically wondering if it’s worth it to invest more in “better” wines. Barefoot is one of America’s most awarded wine companies, so I decided to put Vie Vité, a luxurious French wine to the test against it!

What makes it special

  • Vie Vité pairs really well with a variety of foods, but I would suggest the ones below;
    • Prawns
    • Grilled White Fish
    • Crab Cakes with Âoli Sauce
    • Salade Niçoise
    • Havarti Cheese
    • Tandoori Thai Chicken
    • Ethnic foods with spicy seasoning
  • It’s made from a variety of grapes that makes the flavor “deep” and have a strong and desirable aroma;
    • 30% Cinsault
    • 30% Grenache
    • 30% Syrah
    • 10% Carignan

Wine review on ladybossblogger by Elaine RauMy experience

The Packaging

It came nestled in a box filled to the brim with Crinkle Cut Shredded Paper to protect the glass from breaking. I love it when things have cool wrapping! I tried to throw the box out but couldn’t because I wanted to keep the crinkle paper haha!

The Taste

If you like Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, you will love this Rosé, it’s just dry enough but not too dry! I prefer to drink it with food, but alone is fine too if you’re good with dry aroma wines.

The Results

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that I could actually taste the quality difference between the Vie Viet Rosé and the Barefoot Rosé considering the difference in price, in fact I had to force myself to drink the Barefoot bottle for the sake of the review! In conclusion, I have found a new Rosé that I would drink over and over again and won’t be buying the cheap stuff anymore!

Wine review on ladybossblogger by Elaine Rau

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