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Digital marketing becomes more and more important every day. One of the ways brands are deciding to market online is with influencers. But how do you connect with those influencers in the first place? AspireIQ is the platform that shows you how to do just that!

AspireIQ is “the ROI engine behind creators, communities, and commerce”. They teach influencers how to build their brand through marketing and creating and maintaining relationships.

Their platform creates a space where influencers and brands can meet and create relationships. It is super easy to navigate!

They have quite a few things to offer brands. Let’s take a look at the services they provide.

Influencer Discovery

If your band is looking for influencers to partner with, this is the section for you! AspireIQ uses “two-way influencer discovery” in order to match brands and content creators.

You can identify exactly what you are looking for in an influencer and those filters will be applied to influencers within the program. These filters can include

  • Age
  • Location
  • Number of followers

This can potentially generate hundreds of proposals.

You can also see people who already love and support your brand. Some of those people can turn into advocates as well.

There is also a benchmark feature for your pricing. That way you can make sure you aren’t paying too much or too little for an influencer.

Content Creation

This section helps brands a creators keep up with and organize their content.

You can easily filter your content by things such as

  • Campaign
  • Project
  • Influencer
  • Product SKUs

But you are not just organizing your content, you can also schedule future posts.

This section also provides things to help you boost your post and copyright your images.

It is easy to also find other creators posting similar content. By dropping an image into your search tool, you can find influencers with similar aesthetics.

Relationship Management

One of the best things to do for your brand is foster relationships. AspireIQ provides a wonderful avenue to do just that.

One thing they use is automation. Some of your tasks, can be done via your computer. These include:

  • Sending contracts
  • Sending terms
  • Product fulfillment
  • Processing payments

You do not need to spend nearly as much time on those things as you think! Once those tasks consume less of your time, you are able to focus more making and maintaining human connections.

This section also has organization filters in order to design a workflow that fits you and your brand the best.

You can also:

  • integrate messages with Gmail our Outlook
  • Eliminate back-and-forth emails
  • Build a brand-safe content library
  • Integrate your Shopify store
  • Easily acquire content rights

Strategic Services

AspireIQ provides a team of experts in order to help you navigate all of their services. They save you time by helping you with the learning curve as you expand your business.

Additional Resources

These are not the only recourses that AspireIQ provides. They have a multitude of guides on things such as:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Engagement gap
  • Marketing solutions
  • How to have successful Facebook ads
  • How much to pay influencers on different platforms

Toolkits are another fabulous recourse. Those are provided in:

  • Lists
  • Templates
  • Tools

For free, you can enroll in Aspire Academy. This will give access to their expert teachers and provide you with the skills to move forward. There three courses are:

  • Creator Academy
  • Ambassador Academy
  • Influencer Academy

AspireIQ also hosts events you can attend such as Aspire Hire: Fall Summit.

Brand stories are provided if you are curious what others think about their services.

They also have a blog they post on regularly. Each article has the read time listed so you know exactly how long you will spend on each topic. Most of their posts are under five minutes and are super easy to breeze through.

Sign up today!

AspireIQ is a fantastic resource to add to your arsenal when expanding your business. Sign up today!

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