Easily Join The Amazon Influencer Program Today

Have you ever heard of the Amazon Influencer Program? Have you ever seen influencers promote Amazon products and then provide you with a link? You can do that too!

What is the amazon influencer program?

The Amazon Influencer Program is a commission-based system that rewards influencers for promoting Amazon’s products. Amazon introduced this marketing strategy a while ago to keep up with the digital age.

Amazon introduced it as an extension of their Amazon Associates Program.

However, if your brand is looking to sell products on Amazon, and not just promote other shop’s products, the Amazon Associates Program is a better fit for you. The Amazon Influencer Program is just for influencers looking to make a commission.

How to qualify

In order to apply, you simply need a strong following on any of these social media platforms:

In addition to following counts, Amazon looks at engagement metrics to determine if you would be a good fit.

Once admitted

First, as a part of the program you will need to set up a profile and storefront. Storefronts are how customers can see who you are and what you are recommending.

With your storefront, you are able to:

  • List your recommended products
  • Publish your livestreams
  • Publish your photos and videos
  • Become featured on Amazon’s main site

You are also able to leave positive and negative reviews on the products themselves.

How it works

When recommending your product through your preferred social media outlet, you need to include your storefront URL where the product is listed or your affiliate link.

Your followers will click those links and you will earn a commission then they buy the products. If they go to your page and see what else you recommend, it will inspire them to buy those products too.

Depending on the type of products you are promoting and they are buying, commission rates vary.

The more traffic you have to your storefront, Amazon will be more inclined to promote your storefront. Just as growing your social media following will grow your storefront, users may find your social media through your storefront.

This is a great marketing for Amazon and you.

Click here to apply today!

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