How To Gain Twitter Followers

Gain Twitter Followers

Twitter can be a fun platform where you can speak your mind, but it’s also a powerful tool to interact with your audience and promote your brand on Twitter. The wider your following is, the bigger your reach is while legitimizing your place in your industry. All influencers and brands want to gain Twitter followers, but many might feel lost on where to start. You can simplify this process of watching your platform grow using the following steps.

1. Tweet more

When compared to other social media platforms, Twitter calls for more active engagement to draw followers in. Since tweets are short and people have so many on their timelines, posting pretty frequently is ideal to show interesting content so people want to give you that follow.

A feasible amount of tweets you can aim for is 3 to 7 a day to maximize engagement. However, some brands aim for a higher amount such as 15 to 20 a day, but this might be more appropriate in certain contexts. It may be helpful to look at other profiles in your industry such as similar influencers or brands. It may be more useful when trying to gain followers on Twitter to tweet more often than being overly cautious when in doubt.

When trying to tweet more often, it may seem hard to come up with enough ideas, but here are a few options you might want to try:

  • Personal information
  • Related articles
  • Exciting news
  • Fun events
  • Funny jokes
  • Insights

2. Time it out

After thinking of the amount you should post, you should also think about how to time your tweets to have the most people see and interact with your content. While tweeting more will help expand your platform, it will not be nearly as effective if it’s posted while the majority of your audience is offline.

Many have found that engagement is up on weekdays in the early and late afternoon, making this an ideal time to post. While using this as a guide, it may also be important to note the demographics of your audience, as they might be in different time zones. The more your audience interacts with your post, through likes and retweets, the more timelines your content will pop up on, making timing out your posts to optimize engagement important.

3. Incorporate hashtags

Using hashtags in your tweets can be a useful tactic to gain Twitter followers. This is useful as it increases the likelihood of new users seeing your content and following your account. Data has shown that tweets with at least one hashtag have about 12.6% more engagement than tweets that do not.

By integrating relevant hashtags into your content you make it more likely that people interested in the topic of the tweet see it while it seems natural in your content. You can use hashtags relevant to your industry to attract your target audience, but you can also use trendy, fun hashtags to make your timeline more exciting.

Make sure not to use too many hashtags to avoid your content from looking like spam. In a similar realm, make sure to keep the hashtag applicable to your post to keep your posts looking authentic.

4. Include visuals

Incorporating visual aspects into your tweets allows them to stand out among others. Humans are visual creatures, so our eyes are drawn to the posts on your timeline with pictures or videos, making users more likely to interact with this content. Tweets may also be limited to 280 characters, but pictures are worth a hundred words, so including one in your tweet can provide your audience with more context and information.

Some visuals you may want to include into your tweets include:

  • Funny memes
  • Cute video
  • Outfit picture
  • Photo of the product your reviewing
  • Reaction selfie

5. Interact with others

By interacting with other accounts you can increase your visibility on the platform increasing your chances of gaining Twitter followers. Interacting with others allows you to become connected with people who may follow you and their audiences.

Here are a few ways you can engage with others on Twitter:

  • Retweet their post
  • Like their tweet
  • Reply to their content
  • Tagging relevant users
  • Answer direct messages and tweets directed towards you

Through using techniques such as these to engage with others on Twitter you are increasing the amount of people seeing your handle, while also showing that you are personable and accessible to users.

6. Plug your account

While using the rest of these methods on the Twitter platform itself, it’s also important to take steps outside of the website. It can be useful to plug your Twitter handle and link on various platforms and places to put your account out there. Plugging your handle makes your own audience and followers on various platforms aware of your account, while also making it visible to people that happen to stumble upon your other accounts.

Some places you might want to put your Twitter handle and link may include:

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