How To Make A Standout Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop

With over a billion active users monthly, Instagram is a great place to drive up your e-commerce. Creating an Instagram Shop is an awesome way to show your audience your products and make it easy for them to buy your products. There you can create a curated list of products in an easily scrollable format, ideal for online shoppers. Here’s a guide on how to make a standout Instagram Shop.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a fun feature that allows e-commerce brands to showcase their products to users in an easy, clean format.

Users can view your curated list of products by pressing the “View Shop” button right below your Instagram bio.

There is also an Instagram Shopping Tab on the app with highlighted products. This makes the social media platform a shopping destination for users, so taking advantage of this opportunity is important.

The platform curates users Shopping Tab with products they are likely to love based on who they’re following and their past engagement.

Therefore your target audience who are still not aware of your products can easily find them and press “Buy Now”. This allows users to buy your product right on Instagram without ever leaving the app.

Here are the steps to setting up an Instagram shop.

1. Check eligibility

Instagram has some requirements for who can get a shop on Instagram. This is to prevent the platform from being overloaded with bogus products.

Here are some of the requirements to be eligible:

  • A business is a supported market
  • Has eligible product(s)
  • Complies with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies
  • Ownes a business website domain intended to sell from

2. Have business account

In order to set up a business account, you need to make sure your Instagram profile is set up as a business or creator account. If you don’t already it’s extremely easy to do.

You can add relevant business information that can be useful to users. This includes:

  • Business address
  • Operating hours
  • Phone number
  • Website link

3. Connect your Facebook

A Facebook Page for your business is needed to set up an Instagram shop. If you have one awesome, if not easily set one up.

Link your Facebook Page to your Instagram by hitting the “Public business information” section and selecting “Page”. Then select the Facebook Page you’d like to connect.

4. Upload product catalog

For your Instagram Shop, you need to upload a product catalog. This provides a list of your products, inventory, and descriptions.

You can upload your product catalog with:

5. Submit for review

After doing the previous steps, you’ll have to submit your Instagram page for review. While this might be nerve-racking, it’s the exciting final step before starting your shop.

Here’s how to submit your account for review:

  • Tap the menu button on your Instagram profile
  • Press “Settings”
  • Select “Sign Up For Instagram Shopping”
  • Follow given instructions
  • Check the status of your application under “Shopping” in your Settings

The application usually takes a few days to process and might even take longer. Don’t panic because these things take time and soon you’r shop will be up and running. Following these steps will make the process of setting up your shop simplier. Soon your e-commerce business will grow as users on Instagram buy your products with ease.

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