The rise of social media platforms has catapulted terms like #girlboss and #ladyboss into the media stratosphere. Some female entrepreneurs use these words so often and in such different contexts that it is worthwhile to stop for a moment and ask ourselves the question.

What makes a woman a ladyboss?

First and foremost, it is important to notice that there is not a single definition but rather a sum of traits that is as complex as each of us. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to define the frame in which to build the portrait.

5 Step Definition Of A LadyBoss

Financial Independence

You can’t be a strong, independent woman if you still rely on your relatives or husband for a monthly allowance. As long as you are dependent, you are just a little girl, taking orders from her legal guardians. We’ve all made some mistakes that put us in these positions, and that is OK, as long as we admit and try to fix them.

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Once you are in charge of your money and your life, don’t let anyone tell you what to do with them. Make a list of your wildest dreams and score them according to the importance you give them. Estimate the amount of work and resources you will need to turn them into reality.

One of the toughest lessons you will learn on your way to becoming a ladyboss is learning to say “no without overly justifying yourself. Sometimes we want to please others so much we forget about what pleases us.

And remember you are not a bad mother if sometimes you prioritize yourself. You can’t fill other cups from an empty bottle.


This value comes from Asian traditions and speaks about living in the present moment. This effort to live in the present does not mean you are not thinking about the future or that you have not learned your lessons from the past; it is more about being happy and absorbed by whatever you are doing at the current moment.

A more modern perspective of this idea is the flow state. It is a higher degree of consciousness where you are so passionate about what you are doing that you just forget about everything else. Entering this state makes you feel proud of yourself, accomplished in your work, and ready for more.


There is a misconception that a ladyboss is harsh or bitchy. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the best lesson most successful female entrepreneurs could teach others is empathy. Once you are in control of your life, your job, your family, and your body, then you are ready to serve others at your best.

A happy woman will try to lift those around her. A true ladyboss will be a proactive listener, not only with their ears but with their mind and heart as well. She will strive to validate others and to bring out the best in them. You can identify such a leader by her tribe of supporters and followers who are proud to be part of her story.

Living for Challenges

A ladyboss has a growth mindset. You need to follow your dreams and develop yourself in the process.

Set out for realistic challenges, but be sure to add—at least once in a while—a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal). This goal needs to be NASA-sized to help you get out of your comfort zone and try new ways of dealing with problems.

Also, don’t forget to set as challenges those things you have been struggling with since adolescence.

  • Don’t love your body so much?
  • Why not take 1-month of daily affirmations?
  • Not so fond of healthy food?
  • Why not try to cook a meal every day and show it off on Instagram to remain accountable?

Last but not least, remember that a ladyboss takes life and business seriously, but not herself. Have fun!

5 Step Definition Of A LadyBoss

5 Step Definition Of A LadyBoss
Jess Holmes is a mompreneur who works from home while raising her three boys. She runs her own social media marketing company, writes for her own blog, and helps gain brands exposure by being a micro-influencer.