Work From Home Jobs

A lot of former office-goers I know have decided to take the freelance route, with a significant chunk of them preferring to work from home (guilty as charged!).

These days, it isn’t rare to come across someone who identifies as a digital nomad, a WAHM (work at home mom), an independent contractor, or other titles that basically mean a non-employee providing services within a specified timeframe and contract for a client.

Still, others prefer to not be confined solely at home while facing a computer or smartphone screen all day. It’s perfectly understandable to take on these kinds of jobs, as well – cabin fever is all too real, and not being able to interact with other people can get admittedly dull pretty fast.

So whether you prefer staying at home to work, or stepping out once in a while, rest assured there’s a job for you. I’ve rounded up five of the best work from home jobs you can try today, based on my own experience and that of other freelance friends’.

These jobs are easy, legit, pay well, have flexible schedules, and – dare I say it? – fun to do; so read on!

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5 Easy Work From Home Jobs That Pay Really Well

1. Pet-Sitting or Dog-Walking 

Hands (or paws) down, the most enjoyable item in this list of freelance tasks is pet-sitting. As this enlightening forum post illustrates, temporary pet carers are more in-demand than ever.

The pet-caring industry typically includes dog-walking, pet boarding, pet pick-up and drop-off (otherwise referred to as pet “taxi” services), grooming and veterinary assistance, and even personalized services for special-needs animals such as newborn puppies and kittens, senior pets, and those needing close medical attention.

If you are fond of four-legged furry friends that are not necessarily your own and don’t mind being around them for a couple of hours a day, then this particular job should be like a dream come true.

The best thing about being a pet-minder is that, for the most part, a love for domesticated animals and a lot of patience is all it takes to be qualified (although more specialized and medically-involved tasks could require additional training and certification).

2. Designing and Selling Merchandise

Online design and selling platforms have revolutionized the way creative people can sell their original works of art.

It’s a system that allows artists to focus more on using their talent and skills for the creation of unique works, leaving the production, selling, and marketing worries to these sites and apps.

The original designs are usually featured on different kinds of merchandise, with popular ones being clothing (shirts, hoodies, jackets, socks, etc.), stationery (stickers, notepads, notebooks, and more), accessories like phone cases, tote bags, laptop decals, and a range of other gift items.

Artists and creatives can simply add their desired profit margin on top of the base prices for each merchandise, plus the production costs and the platform’s service charge. Some selling platforms also offer wholesale or flat rates for less complicated computing.

3. Answering Surveys and Completing Offers 

Some of the most rewarding tasks come in the form or GPT or get-paid-to websites. There’s a great reason why paid survey sites always make it to legit work-from-home job lists like this one.

Examples of such sites are: iGain, FlexOffers, and MaxBounty.

They are highly doable and encourage the kind of activities usually done online on a regular basis, such as answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, playing games, completing offers, and even earning via referrals.

As a bonus, these tasks can be done in-between more lucrative or creatively fulfilling ones because they don’t take up a lot of time and effort.

4. Cashback Shopping 

Finally, there is a way to earn while spending money. While it isn’t strictly a job, cashback shopping is nevertheless a good supplemental stream of income. They have partner retailers offering significant discounts on various products and services, along with coupons, rebates, and freebies.

Legit cash back programs and apps usually provide a generous sign-up bonus instantly or upon first purchase. My favorite ones also have a referral program in place, allowing me to earn even more money as soon as my referral purchases a featured product (within the minimum required amount).

5. App, Game, and Website Beta-Testing

Beta-testing is necessary for many websites, apps, and game developers because it ensures that everything has to go smoothly before they are rolled out to the public. Testers don’t need to report to an office or workplace for it, too. As long as the right software and devices are in place, it can be done at home.

The great thing about this particular task is that it doesn’t really require a coding or programming background – you simply need to follow instructions, have the appropriate operating system and devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.), and pay close attention to potential bugs, dead links, and inconsistencies within the app or game.

Working from home has never been more creative or fulfilling as it is today. It also presents so many benefits that a traditional, office-based job can’t – chief among them is the absence of daily commuting, traffic, and being around noisy people every single day (a nightmare to introverts such as yours truly).

Now, with things like sharing economy jobs where you can rent out a spare room, your entire home, skills, garage, driveway, and car to others, there is simply no reason not to get a supplemental source of income while being in (or not too far from) the comfort of your own home.

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Work From Home Jobs

Anna Ludgate is a freelance writer who loves discovering new creative side hustles. She is a fur mom to an 18-year old cat who demands to be fed every few hours or so.