Top 7 Instagram Niches To Help You Start An Account for Your Business

Social media provides an incredible way to communicate your thoughts to the audience. Instagram is a great business tool because visual content helps a lot in building the brand name. Here are several numbers to prove that point:

  • 90% of active users follow at least one business account.
  • One out of three most popular Instagram stories are published by companies.
  • 83% of Instagrammers search for new goods and services.

If you are just starting out with Instagram, don’t worry! Here are the top 7 Instagram niches to help you start an account for your business.

What is a niche on Instagram?

An Instagram niche is simply a category of content that is popular, trendy, and marketable on the app. To ensure that you find a niche that corresponds well with you, here are some tips that can help you decide what direction to go in:

  • Pick a niche that interests you and compliments who you are as a person or what your business stands for.
  • Take a look at your competitors. You can see what they already have to say and inspire yourself with some new ideas.
  • Post on a regular basis. Create a weekly or monthly content plan and follow it. If you don’t have time to be present on Instagram 24/7, schedule posting of new entries.
  • Video content matters. Don’t forget to include videos in your Instagram marketing strategy since it’s a profitable form of content.
  • Use relevant hashtags. They will help you gain an audience and create a community.
  • Network. Your competitors can easily become your allies or even friends. Use networking for blog promotion and collaborations.
  • Don’t ignore live streams. Real-time communication with the audience is important. Besides, you can use broadcast recorders, capture yourself and the intellocutor’s reaction, use picture in picture video editor and then publish it as a separate post in your profile.

Top 7 Instagram Niches To Help You Start An Account for Your Business

Now, let’s move on to the niches. Here are some ideas for you to consider when posting on Instagram.

1. Health and fitness

Instagram accounts that cater to health and fitness are some of the most popular on the app. You can narrow the niche down even more and choose a specific direction like workouts, nutrition, mental health, meditations, or any other relevant topic. It will help you build a stronger community and establish your target audience.

2. Beauty and lifestyle

The majority of the most followed accounts on Instagram belong to people who talk about beauty both directly and indirectly. Besides, this social network is a perfect tool for beauty companies to show their products in action. Use your profile to talk about beauty tips, review skincare products, or show makeup tutorials. Just remember: Users value honesty. If you want to become credible, be honest with your followers.

3. Food and cooking

If you want to start a blog dedicated to food, Instagram is just right for you. People love looking at aesthetic food photos and learning new recipes. These blogs are growing in popularity, so you can join the trend and share your experience with the audience. You can also go more specific here with making meals of a certain cuisine, posting vegan recipes, or focusing on desserts.

4. Fashion

Since fashion is mostly about visuals, Instagram has become a platform widely used by designers, stylists, and haute couture brands. Fashion amateurs look for modern trends and find inspiration. Also, the fashion industry is predicted to make almost $1,200,000 million by 2025.

Join this sector of Instagram with your tips and advice for fashion geeks. Also, if you consider starting a business with a friend (a showroom, for example), Instagram will help you with promotion.

5. Eco-friendliness and zero waste

Global warming and plastic pollution are some of the most urgent topics on the world’s agenda. No wonder there are a lot of people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and make the world a better place to live. If you have the necessary knowledge and live according to the “reduce-reuse-recycle” motto, share your experience with others.

6. Traveling

If you love to travel, the travel niche might be perfect for you. You can share your travel journey on Instagram by posting photos and videos from your trips. Some content ideas are sightseeing lists, food finds, and overall travel tips.

7. Memes

Yes, you’ve read it right. Instagram trends are not lying: Profiles with memes and screenshots of funny tweets get a lot of followers. It’s clear why it happens: Everyone likes to laugh. Good jokes awaken positive emotions and allow people to cope with the negative.

Summing it up

The list of possible niches for an Instagram is not limited by the items on the list. The most efficient way to figure out how to make your profile interesting and profitable is to ask yourself what you enjoy, what you know, and what people will pay for. If you find one answer to all these questions, your perfect idea for an Instagram startup is ready. Now, create a profile, fill it with content, and get started!

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