How to Visually Plan Out Your Instagram Feed

Visually plan Instagram

Instagram is a great place for an influencer or brand to grow, as there are roughly 1 billion monthly active users. Tapping into this audience can give you or your business the following it needs to succeed. Instagram being such a highly visible website means how you present yourself to your audience is incredibly important. Visually planning out your Instagram feed can assist you in appealing to users. Here’s a guide on how to visually plan out your Instagram feed.

1. Choose an aesthetic

When planning out your Instagram profile, an important first step is choosing an aesthetic for your page. The aesthetic of your page refers to the overall theme and feeling your account has.

Aesthetics can be affected by:

  • Lighting
  • Color scheme
  • Editing style

Think about what aesthetic matches your personality as an influencer. As a brand, it might be helpful to consider your product and the preferences of your target audience.

Possible aesthetics include:

  • Light and airy
  • Pink and floral
  • Ocean blues
  • Cool neutrals
  • Dark and mysterious

The possibilities are really endless, but it helps to have to try and choose a clear aesthetic so your feed looks cohesive. Additionally, it may be helpful to try and draw inspiration from other accounts that have pleasing aesthetics when trying to visually plan your Instagram feed.

2. Adjust content

Incorporating this aesthetic into your profile is incredibly important. Just picking an aesthetic isn’t enough, you have to actively incorporate it into your content.

Shoot content with the lighting you desire. Additionally, try to incorporate similar pops of color in different photos.

Trying to shoot your content similarly will help you to keep your posts looking cohesive. Additionally, if you are going to have filler posts on your profile that aren’t yours, try to have them match your image.

3. Mindfully edit

Another helpful tip to help you visually plan out your Instagram feed is to have consistent editing. This gives your posts the same overall finish that helps tie them together into a cute feed.

Try sticking to one or a chosen few favorite filters. Using the same app for editing, such as VSCO, can help you be consistent in the way your edit your pictures.

Apps such as VSCO also allow you to see your edited posts in a feed-like format, which can help you to see if your edit matches your other content.

4. Preview your feed

After editing your posts, it is helpful to see them in conjunction with your feed to make sure your aesthetic flows seemly throughout your profile.

Apps such as Planoly can be extremely helpful for this reason. Planoly allows you to schedule your posts in advance. A helpful feature of that app is also its ability to let your visually plan your feed. The app is Instagram-approved, so it can be trusted to help your plan out your feed and auto post on your account.

Your Instagram photos are the way you present yourself on the platform, so it’s important users are drawn into your content. By having a consistent aesthetic, you draw users’ eyes in. Start to visually plan your Instagram, and see how your content becomes more on brand and cohesive.

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