5 Tips For Creating An Awesome Instagram Username

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Instagram is the place to be if you are an influencer or brand. As one of the largest social platforms with roughly 1 billion active monthly users, it can be a powerful resource. One of the first things you do when making an account is picking out a handle. While this may seem like a simple task, the username of your profile is extremely important. It is what you will be referred by and is one of the first things other users see. In order to create the best first impression possible, some thought should be put into creating the perfect username. Here are 5 tips for creating an awesome Instagram username.

1. Highlight intentions

When you first try to create your handle chances are your first choice may not be there. With billions of usernames already taken, you might feel stumped on where to start.

One important thing you can include is your intentions for your account. Incorporate your interest or your brand’s field in your handle to clue people in on what your account will be about. This can also help your target audience find your profile, as they see their interest in your handle.

For example, if you are a beauty influencer, some possible words you can include on your Instagram username include:

  • Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Guru

Similarly, if you are a brand try including the field you are in, so right when people see your handle then you can your business does.

2. Be memorable

When trying to brainstorm, doing up with a standout handle can help your profile pop. By making it memorable, you increase the likelihood of users returning to your profile.

These usernames are also more likely to be searched for on Instagram, increasing the likelihood that users will see your profile and follow it.

You can have fun with your handle, by trying out plays on words or puns. If your brand or blog name is taken think of ways you can reconfigure your name into a fun username.

3. Stay consistent

An important tip when thinking about your Instagram username is to keep other platforms in mind. Creating a consistent brand across various platforms makes your pages more findable for your audiences, increasing your engagement. Plus it looks a lot cleaner.

If you already have a Twitter or Pinterest, try out the username you have on those platforms. If you aren’t on these platforms yet, you can try to find a username available on multiple platforms so you can create a consistent brand.

Even if you don’t want to hop on Twitter right away, it could be a great idea to create a profile with the same username. This can allow you to have the same username as your Instagram in the future and avoiding someone later taking it.

4. Simplify spelling

While many profiles include punctuation or long words, you may want to avoid these if possible. It’s important to keep searchability in mind when creating your handle.

Usernames with excess punctuation are harder for users to search. They might forget the punctuation in the username and are also less likely to randomly come across your profile in the search bar.

The same goes for spelling. Keeping your username relatively simple to spell allows people to easily search for your handle. If a word in your username s tricky to spell, consider switching it out for another.

Start drafting

Getting started on Instagram is an exciting thing as a blogger, influencer, or business, yet it can sometimes feel overwhelming. It can feel especially tricky if you feel stuck at the first step – creating a username. By following these steps you can simplify the process and find the perfect Instagram username.

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