Why Reddit Has Toxicity Issues

Why Reddit Has Toxicity Issues ladybossblogger

Reddit offers a wealth of information and fun stories for anyone to peruse or comment on, all while staying anonymous. However, this anonymity has also lent itself to creating toxicity. When no one is able to be held accountable, the content within the site often spirals into viciousness. Read on to learn why Reddit has toxicity issues!

What is Reddit?

Reddit was first created on June 23rd, 2005. It’s geared to be a content-sharing platform, one of the first of its kind.

With the internet quickly making strides throughout the years, there weren’t as many opportunities to connect with those around you.

Reddit offered a sort of non-judgemental atmosphere, built-in by the anonymous behavior. 

Rating System:

Part of Reddit’s popularity is the opportunity to upvote or downvote any post you see. Depending on your score, the post appears more frequently on other people’s feeds.

This is a refreshing difference from other apps like Instagram or even Tiktok, which only show a number of likes. A lack of likes can simply suggest a lack of views.

Reddit allows you to interact with people who have the same opinion as you, whether you agree or vehemently disagree with certain topics.

Toxicity Issues:

As The internet has continued to grow, various issues within the app have come to light. The anonymity allows for people to express attitudes they normally never would for fear of retaliation. This has developed toxicity issues for the platform, but not just for the users.

Although the app has been wildly popular, it has brought one of the creators Alexis Ohanian a plethora of moral issues. After developing the app with his two roommates in college, he went on to gain wealth and respect.

However, after marrying Serena Williams and having a half-black child, he no long felt comfortable being a CEO to a site with racism issues.

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Why Reddit Has Toxicity Issues ladybossblogger

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