Healthyline InfraMat Pro v.s. CVS Heating Pad

Healthyline InfraMat Pro Review by Elaine Rau founder of

Every month for a week, every woman who has hit puberty goes through some discomfort. I used to use a little heating pad from CVS but it wouldn’t always do the trick. That was when I was introduced to the Healthyline’s InfraMat Pro!

What makes it special Elaine Rau product reviews

  • Utilizes gemstones to channel deep penetrating heat 4-6 inches deep into muscles and tissue
  • Gemstones include: 3 lbs of tourmaline ceramic, 22 lbs amethyst, 3 lbs of obsidian
  • 3-6-12-hour auto shutoff timer to allow all-night sleep setting
  • Medical device manufacturer registered with FDA

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The Packaging

It came in a huge and extremely heavy box. The mat is packed to the brim with healing gemstones, which is what makes it so heavy (and so effective). It also came with three extra things;

  1. A heat reflective survival mylar thermal space blanket which was super cool, it looked like something from a science fiction movie and felt like an in house sauna!
  2. A cotton top padded waterproof cover for the mat to prevent it from getting wet in case you sweat too much!
  3. A zippered bag to put everything in.

Healthyline InfraMat Pro Review by Elaine Rau founder of

The Process

I tried out the mat for three months to make sure that it did the trick each and every time to make sure it wasn’t just a one-off thing. I tried it on the bed with the timer at night, on the floor when I was cramping, and on the couch as well.

My favorite would have to be on the couch when relaxing after a long day. The heat from the mat is particularly soothing on the shoulders and back. I also somehow managed to pull my back this month and I honestly couldn’t have gone through the pain without my (now favorite) InfraMat Pro!!!

The Results

Healthyline’s InfraMat Pro not only helped lessen my discomfort over time, I actually started to look forward to my time of month because I had found the solution to my terrible cramps. It also helps with any and all other pains you may feel. I would highly recommend it and don’t just use it every month now, I use it every day!

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Healthyline InfraMat Pro Review by Elaine Rau founder of