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Have you acquired a skill that you think others should also know? Or are there some trick of the trade you want to share? Either way, creating a course with Teachable is the best way to do it!

Teachable is a platform that helps you easily put your course together. You decide the medium, how you interact with your students, and get paid.

Let’s take a look at what Teachable can do for you.

Customizable domain and website

Teachable is extremely customizable. How do you want to teach your course?

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Filmed videos
  • Multimedia lectures

You get to decide how you get the information to your students. Pick the way that works best for you, Teachable will work with you. Any scheduling that needs to be done, is done though Calendly. If you already have a website, just link it to the customizable domain.

Do you want to do this by yourself? Or do you want to bring on other team members or contributors? You can! You get to decide their permissions and roles, and they get paid through the site.

But how do you know how it’s going? Simply check the insights. At a glance, you can see things such as:

  • The revenue you have made
  • How many students have taken your class
  • The number of students who have completed your course

Interact with your students

One of the best things about Teachable is that you can teach as many courses as you want, and you can have as many students as you want. The sky is truly the limit.

Live coaching is a great way to get immediate feedback, but it’s not the only way to check in with your students and see how they’re doing. You can set up milestones and quizzes for them to complete as they move through the course. And when they finish, you can give them a course completion certificate.

You can also create forms on third-party sites and have your student submit their feedback that way. You can have them do them at milestones during the course or after they have finished the course. Or maybe you want to do multiple; do whatever makes the most sense to you.

Getting paid

Teachable makes it super easy to get paid in versatile ways.

Here are some the different things you can offer your students:

  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • One-time payments
  • Bundles
  • Coupons

However you want to run your business, Teachable will make that happen.

You can also introduce affiliates to spread the word about your course and bring more students to you. And these students can be from all over the world-Teachable is not going to hold you back in the slightest. They have over 130 currency options.

When filing your taxes Teachable has a way to collect and file your US tax forms as well as a EU VAT.

Keeping your data safe

When teaching a course, the last thing you need to be worried about is the security of your data-Teachable wholeheartedly agrees.

All of your data is yours; they do not own any of it. They monitor it for you 24/7 so there are no surprises. And any upgrades that occur will happen instantly, so you do not have to wait around.

Your student’s data is just as important. During login and checkout, 2048-bit SSL certificate is working to keep them safe. Additionally, Teachable only works with providers who are PCI level-1 compliant.


Teachable does have a free version with the core set of the features they provide, so that is a great place to start.

But when you are ready to bump up your plan and gain access to some more advance features, the Basic plan is waiting at $39 a month.

Their most popular plan with features that are “designed to boost student engagement” is the Pro plan at $119 a month.

Their final plan with their most powerful features is the Business plan priced at $299 a month.

Get started today!

Teachable is a fantastic resource when putting together a course. Their software is intuitive and easy to use. But if you ever get confused, their customer service is top notch.

Get started teaching others all you have learned today!

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