4 Online Business Courses That Have The Best Results

4 Online Business Courses That Have The Best Results ladybossblogger.com

Whether you’ve already started your business or are looking to start one, it’s always a good idea to learn a little more about business. Maybe you’re in school but are looking for more specialized online business courses that your school doesn’t offer. Or maybe you want to go back to school, but don’t have much money to work with.

That shouldn’t be a problem, because there are many independent, specialized business courses online that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for.

Here are some of the most affordable ones that have the happiest clients because of their results:

1. LadyBossBlogger Courses

Elaine Rau started her blog four years ago and has seen massive growth since. After getting requests to share how she grew and monetized her blog so quickly, Elaine decided to turn her entrepreneurship blog into a blog about blogging. She now offers three courses that teach you how to make money online.

The “How to Start a Money Making Blog” course offers tons of content at just $397 or 6 payments of $97. Students learn everything from building an engaged fan base, starting and growing an email list, setting up your blog for SEO, avoiding legal trouble, and much more. She also teaches exactly how to monetize each of the 12 most profitable niches.

For the same price of $397, the “How to Make Money as an Influencer” course is similar, except for Instagram influencers.

Elaine emphasizes that more followers do not necessarily equal more money. Typically, influencers need to have a business mindset to make a living online.

She also has a combo course that includes her two signature courses on how to start a profitable blog and make money on Instagram called “How To Monetize Your Blog And Instagram.”

LadyBossBlogger courses are highly rated on Google, Trust Pilot, and Facebook. Some results her students have had include:

  • Colleen Cook went from 0-20 brand deals in one week
  • Mireya Lopez’s paid promotions went from 10% to 75%
  • Tania Fraco’s traffic increased by a whopping 352%
  • Stephanie Vainer landed a partnership with her dream brand (Crayola)
  • Katie Marshall’s page views and income shot up 20%
  • Rosemary Slade finally cracked 5K after taking the course
  • Leah Sander’s traffic went from 1K to 50K monthly viewers

2. Melyssa Griffin Courses

Melyssa Griffin created a blog with three successful courses. After working a “soul-sucking” day job, living in a small apartment, and getting by paycheck to paycheck, she decided to take up blogging.

Nine months and much trial and error later, Melyssa quit her day job and was blogging full time. Over the next four years, she grew her blog into a multi-million dollar business by selling courses online, and she teaches you how to do the same.

Melyssa claims that selling courses online is the best and most efficient way to make money as a blogger, as opposed to selling ads or making sponsored posts.

Her “Blog to Biz Hive” course teaches the system she used to create a profitable online business. For $997, you’ll get the entire course plus a blogging starters guide, contributor incentive templates, email sequence guide, and more.

While that may seem like a lot, there are two cheaper options. For $297, the “List Surge” course teaches email list-building methods that grow lists quickly and by a lot.

For $397, the “Pinfinite Growth” course teaches how to grow traffic to your website and build your email list through using Pinterest. Melyssa writes that Pinterest is more a search engine than a social media site, and it can be used strategically to attract tons of people to your website.

3. Making Sense of Cents

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who is behind the Making Sense of Cents blog, has two very affordable courses. The “Making Sense of Cents” course is just $197; and it teaches all the secrets of making more money through affiliate marketing.

Michelle stresses that many bloggers and influencers miss out on heaps of income because they don’t have the right approach to affiliate marketing. But the course teaches how to pick the right products to promote, increase conversions, different product promotion strategies, etc. and it has killer reviews.

The “Making Sense of Sponsored Posts” course, which is $159, does just as the title says. It’s perfect for beginning bloggers and influencers to learn about making sponsored posts, the legalities behind it, how to know if you’re being paid too little, and how to build loyalty with brands.

4. Create And Go

Create and Go has multiple courses for creating and monetizing your perfect blog. ‘

The “Launch your Blog” course costs $97, and it provides WordPress training, social media, and email list-building, blogging tools, advice on what to blog about, and how to attract readers with headlines and personality.

The “Make Money Blogging for Beginners” and “Pinterest Traffic Avalanche” courses are $197 each.

The “Six Figure Blogger” course sits at $297 and is for bloggers who want to quit their day jobs and be their own boss full time. The website also offers bundle course prices. You can get all four courses for $647, or the two money-making courses for $397.

Every course in this list has incredible customer success stories. Students have tripled or quadrupled their incomes and become full-time bloggers, influencers, or entrepreneurs.

While you may have to spend your savings on business courses to get your company off the ground, the investment could earn you so much more if you put in the work.

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