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5 Steps To Amplify Your Energy, Reduce Your Stress, And Maximize Your Productivity

I know exactly what it feels like to toss and turn all night long, with thoughts of what needs to get done racing through my head, while I lay there anticipating that it won’t be long until the alarm begins buzzing with the dreadful reminder that another day is beginning. As I crawl out of …

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5 Resources For The Online Health And Financial Coach

As an online health and financial coach, being able to effectively and efficiently work your business is huge. Having the right resources helps save time, can help to keep you organized, and make it easier to work with clients. With all the tools and resources out there that an online health and finance coach can …

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5 Resources For The New Fitness Professional

As a fitness professional and motivational speaker, I spend my days preparing for clients and various events. Organization and time management are crucial. Without my iPad, I’d be lost. No really, I wouldn’t know how to function with it. My iPad/assistant has increased my responsiveness to my clients and reduced the amount of paperwork that …

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