5 Steps To Achieve Your Health Goals As An Entrepreneur

When we get really focused on our businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, eating well and taking care of ourselves can take a bit of a back seat. Endless hours in front of a computer, skype calls or in meetings and a very busy ‘to do list’.

Little to no chance of making gym class times and maybe not a lot of energy or motivation to get there either. And who wants to get home from a long day and go to the effort of cooking from scratch?

If work takes you traveling, you can add to the mix the additional challenge of disrupted sleep and a lot of rich restaurant meals. The weight can creep on, energy levels drop and the ‘fire’ starts to burn low. So, don’t wait any longer to start your health goals!

5 Steps To Achieve Your Health Goals As An Entrepreneur

1. Focus!

In business, we focus as much of our energies as possible on income generating tasks. For weight loss and improved health, what moves the need the most is always nutrition. If you’re looking for a starting point, focus on making improvements in what you’re eating at every meal you can.

Then think beyond what you’re eating, to the quality, frequency and portion size, especially if you work at a desk, eat out a lot for business or are a frequent flyer. Our hormones also have an impact, and these change throughout the month and with different seasons of our life.

2. Start Small And Be Realistic

Just as no one has genuine ‘overnight success’ in business, no one puts on an extra 12-24 pounds or becomes hugely unfit with a few weeks of relaxed living. It’s therefore unrealistic to think anyone can become fit after a few gym sessions or lose weight after eating a couple of healthy meals on the bounce.

Yet I consistently see people trying to change everything about their lifestyle in one go, hit overwhelm, get disappointed and quit!

Make some small, positive changes, and stick to them, then celebrate your wins along the way then build it out. Think marathon rather than a sprint. Anything you’re able to embed will become a good habit and good habits become a great lifestyle.

3. Do What You Enjoy

I’ve had jobs over the years that all out ‘sucked’ and disliked going into work massively. Eventually, you reach ‘critical mass’ for dislike and quit.

Activity wise I recommend finding something you enjoy. If you hate yoga, weight training or swimming, there is pretty much zero chance of your staying the course and a big key to weight loss and improving health is consistency.

Unlike a business where we can outsource tasks we don’t enjoy, you can’t outsource this. So if walking floats your boat or you like cycling or love hitting a gym class, focus on what you like doing and get really consistent at it.

4. Implement What You Know

Honestly, don’t buy another trendy diet book, weight loss shakes or gym membership until you’ve taken a serious look at my other suggestions. There are millions being made pitching the next big thing and the truth is we don’t lack knowledge we lack implementation.

This is one of the reasons I coach, because ‘knowing’ isn’t enough. Doing, and doing the correct thing is what yields the results. If you’ve been trying and failing for years, it’s time to get below the surface and find out what’s really going on.

Then get yourself a workable plan for your lifestyle and execute!

5. Get Monitoring

My business coach mantra is “What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed” and let’s face it, we have bookkeeping, accounts, and analytics for a good reason. We collect information and data to understand what’s working, what isn’t and where the problems lie.

I want to encourage you if you’re looking to lose weight, record and monitor your food intake. You can do this simply with photos or food diary or go higher tech with apps but be honest about what you’re eating, and I mean really honest. Understanding where you’re at will help you formulate a plan moving forward.

Recently I have been reading up on one blogger who calls himself the https://lifehackerguy.com who uses an interesting piece of tech called the Oura ring to monitor sleep and activity levels. Combining this tech with healthy nutrients in the form of a greens powder, he has improved his weight and energy levels.

If you’re serious about change hire a coach or trainer who you believe can help you get the best out of yourself. They will help you understand the issues and help you build a long-term strategy for success, that know-how becomes yours forever. When it comes to calorie intake, don’t be tempted to guess.

It’s my experience that people usually overestimate their activity levels and wildly underestimate the calories they are eating. As the saying goes, know the truth and let it help you get free. Wishing you health, happiness, impact, and success.


Joanne Coley is a Body Transformation Coach passionate about helping Female Entrepreneurs transform their health and lives. Faster Learner Stronger Entrepreneurs is about supporting ‘lady bosses’ to take good care of themselves, help more people and create more impact.

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