How To Effectively Execute Your Goals

How To Effectively Execute Your Goals

Why is it that only 8% of people keep their New Year’s Resolutions and goals? The #1 culprit: “I got too busy.”

As a business owner, you can’t wait until the New Year to layout your plans. The solution is to use a framework that can be updated that will inspire your goals and to break down the big picture into an annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly plan.

When you set deadlines for reviewing your goals and start to gain momentum, the process becomes faster and faster. When you get stuck on a decision at the granular level, you can return to your annual plan and think through, ‘Does this align with me and where I want to be in a year?’ I find working on the one-year time horizon is most actionable, but it’s fun to think in the 5-year span as well.

1. Step 1

Design your best year ever:

This is where you let the creative juices flow and brainstorm on how you’d like to feel and what you’d love to be doing. Then you create a mantra to manifest this and create specific, actionable, time-bound, and measurable goals that fit under this broader creative vision for your best year yet.

2. Step 2

Transforming your vision into actionable 30/60/90 day goals. Take the annual plan and start breaking down the actionable goals into 30-day chunks.

Revisit this monthly to make adjustments and hold yourself accountable to the plan.

3. Step 3

Create daily rituals to support you. I review my calendar weekly on Sundays to plan the week ahead and organize actions into non-negotiable, life-enhancing, or optional life-enhancing.

4. Step 4

Implement and maintain momentum.

Once you start achieving your goals and writing them down, you start to gain momentum that inspires you to keep going. Action begets action.

The best time to start? NOW. Pick your framework, establish your quarterly review milestones, and select a date and time that works best for you to plan the week ahead. Questions? Email me at and I will respond within 48 hours.

Zoe Schwartz is a personal trainer and life coach who enjoys helping people be fit, strong, happy, and productive.

As both an MBA and Certified Personal Trainer who has 9+ years’ classic Brand Management experience, she understands the realities of life’s competing priorities and provides busy professionals the tools to consistently make time for fitness beyond providing best-in-class 1-to-1 and group workouts.

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