The Best Free Apps for Editing Instagram Photos

The Best Free Apps For Editing Instagram Photos

Do you ever wonder how some influencers, bloggers, businesses, or even just your friends get the perfect photo every time they post on Instagram? Or maybe you’ve wondered what the best free apps for editing a photo on Instagram are. 

Many Instagram gurus use their phones and free photo editing apps to create the aesthetic they desire, and the look you aspire to have.

Below, we have found these magic, free photo editing apps for you. Enjoy!


Do you remember when VSCO first went viral? If you didn’t have VSCO back then, you weren’t considered “in the know.”

How has this attitude changed? Now, more than 30 million Instagram users use VSCO to edit their photos.

VSCO is, of course, free and VSCO has all the fancy photo editing capabilities of Snapseed (which will discuss later) but has a better selection of filters (aesthetically speaking).

VSCO example

2. Facetune

Growing up, I would always check the box for photo editing on my school photo order form. Sadly, my mom would always erase my decision. But, have no fear! If you had the same issue I had, you can look towards Facetune.

Facetune is “Most well-known for blurring away fine lines and wrinkles, and you can also work some serious Photoshop-style magic with it,” writes Cosmopolitan contributor, Mehera Bonner.

FaceTune example

3. Huji

A recent trend I have seen on many celebrities’ Instagram is the return of disposable camera photos.

Whenever I would try and take pictures of my baby photos, however, the glossy material it was printed on would always reflect back too much light.

Famous people and famous accounts, unlike how my naive mind believes, are not actually using disposable cameras to take pictures.

They are using an app called Huji. Huji is so accurate to how “retro,” printable photos look that it even comes with the little stamp of the date when the moment was captured. How cute!

Huji example

4. Snapseed

A saving grace to all. Snapseed Snapseed is, arguably, the best free photo editing app.

It’s easy to use for those who are not the most tech-savvy, but also “Valuable for the legit editors who want to adjust color, saturation, and sharpness.  Basically, it takes [an average] iPhone photo and makes it look like it was shot on a fancy camera,” according to Bonner.

To me, the best feature within the app is the ability to save your editing preferences. A major time saver!

Download them now, test them out, and let us know how they work for you!

Snapseed example

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The Best Free Apps For Editing Instagram Photos

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