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5 Ways To Kick Fear In The Butt

Hey fly girls! You know that toxic “friend” we talk about cutting off every year?

The one that’s always bringing the drama and negative energy our way?

Always talking smack and stopping us from becoming (shout out to Michelle Obama) and achieving our greatness?

Her name is fear, and it’s time we cut her off.

Check out some tips on how to kick fear in the butt below and go out there and live your life boldly!

5 Ways To Kick Fear In The Butt

1. Drink Detox Tea

Life’s day to day routines and struggles can cause stress, anxiety, and self-doubt leaving our bodies feeling bloated with fear. So every morning I like to start off with a detox tea.

Drink one cup of hot water and two tea bags (I like mine strong) and let it sit and steep for about ten minutes. I take this time to meditate as I slowly pull the tea bags up and down clearing my body and mind of laziness, insecurities, and needing validation from others.

I drink my cup flushing those unwanted energies from my body. This ritual always leaves me feeling a bit lighter throughout the day. Grab your favorite tea (loose leaves work just as well) and start your morning off right.

2. Read Daily Affirmations Through Journals, Sticky Notes, Apps

  • “You’ve Got This!”
  • “Oh honey, let them stare! You would too.”
  • “You are the snap, crackle and the POP! Be YOU!”

Whatever affirmation I can get my hands on, it’s filling up my purse and reminding me how magically delicious I am. We could all benefit from pep talks throughout the day, and this is one of my favorite ways of talking myself up.

You know sometimes co-workers try it, kids have us questioning our sanity, and our significant others are catching all types of side eyes. Knowing that we are not just adulting but conquering this thing call life can help us to achieve our VERY best.

Every day write down something you’ve achieved on a piece of paper and fold it up and put in a box starting on Monday (big or small). On Sunday open the box and read all the goals you’ve accomplished during the week. Instant fearless fly girl inspo!

3. Do Something That Totally Scares You

I have a habit of doing things that totally make me uncomfortable… but you know, good uncomfortable. Like quitting my job and starting my own business.

To me, it’s like taking a practice test. A test to prepare me for the future and all the opportunities that will come my way. And they will come. And when they do, I will be prepared, and I will know how to handle them. I want the same for you too.

Here are some things you can do to push yourself out of your comfort zone and kick fear to the curb while preparing for your future:

  • Submit a proposal asking for your worth
  • Apply to speak at an engagement
  • Start that blog, book or podcast
  • Take that class or book that trip that’s been on your bucket list for years
  • Shoot your shot (a closed mouth don’t get fed)

4. Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit

The cuter my outfit, the more confident I feel in my day to day dealings. I’m closing deals in my killer heels, knocking out errands that I don’t enjoy doing in my fur coat (grocery shopping I see you), and meeting with clients in my boss cape.

Looking my best and expressing myself through my clothes not only helps me to feel better but it also communicates to people how to interact and treat me. I guarantee you better customer service, random conversation with strangers and awesome connections that just seems to float your way effortlessly.

I’m a firm believer in look the part… get the part. Look the part and close deals with your outfit by shopping here.

5. Stay Close To Your Hype Woman

You know that dope girlfriend that is our personal hype woman?

The one that talks us out of feeling sorry for ourselves, reminds us daily that we are the sugar honey ice tea and screams YOLO every chance she gets?

The BFF that stay sending us memes and gifs throughout the day to encourage us to live out loud fearlessly?

Yeah, her, she’s the bomb.

You need more of her in your life!

Cut that other hater off and stick with this fearless girl!

5 Ways To Kick Fear In The Butt

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Crystal Marie is a daring entrepreneur, creative, and designer. Founder of the lifestyle movement, Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit, she is inspiring and leading women around the globe and encouraging them to crush fear with their stilettos. Catch her at

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