5 Ways To Create More Income From Content

If you’re looking to start making money, or more money, from your content then there are a few fundamental prerequisites you must take care of before looking into all the tactics and techniques in terms of ways of making money from your content.

In this article, we’re going to look at some fundamental principles in addition to some of the best options for making money from the content you produce.

First off, the number one reason people visit your site is because they derive value from the content you create – therefore, you want to focus on creating valuable content that digs deep into the specifics rather than broad spectrum, generic content, that is vague and doesn’t contribute much value to the reader.

In this vein, if you have a blog already, or are about to set up a blog, you will want to consider the best way to speak to a specific group of people as you can’t be relevant to everyone.

You want to be deeply relevant to a specific group of people, meaning you will be a big fish in a small pond (leading to much more authority and visibility) rather than a small fish in a big pond (where you can get lost in the masses).

In following, these two principles of creating content that is of high value to a specific group of people, you are in a more empowered position to monetize your content as the chances are you will develop a core following, often known as your “tribe”.  When you have a tribe of followers that all share something in common, you have prime real estate that you can leverage to make money.

Remember, advertisers don’t pay you for having a blog, they pay to access your audience – so the bigger and more concentrated your tribe, in terms of niche interest, the better position you will be in to monetize your blog.

The one other principle to consider it the quality and credibility of your content in terms of spelling and grammatical errors. This is where tools such as online proofing can come in handy.

Now, we’ve covered these principles let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make money from your content:

5 Ways To Create More Income From Content


If you’ve ever wanted to make big money from blogging, then you need to understand the power of crafting your content into a course – as once you package your content in a structure that can flow as an educational course, you can start to make a lot more money than most people working ordinary jobs – as you have the power to create passive income; meaning you can sell the asset you’ve created multiple times without any more effort.


The simplest way to make money from your content is to utilize your content as a platform to host third party adverts. In doing so, you will be paid based on the amount of views or clicks the advert has.


Affiliate marketing is a more subtle form of advertising that means you don’t have to litter your blog with adverts; you can simply recommend a product with a specific link that pays a commission if the user subsequently purchases a product.  

Whilst this will often be only for a small amount of money, it depends on what you recommend, as if it’s a high value product you can expect a handsome commission.


The concept of an advertorial is basically where you write a sponsored blog post that features a particular product.  

For instance, let’s say you are writing a post about how to keep your hair healthy – and within this post you are referencing a particular shampoo, and linking to the shampoo companies website. This would be known as either a sponsored post or advertorial.

This is a great way for advertisers to get what appears to be natural exposure, whilst providing value to the reader in the form of decent content.


A lot of what we have covered in this article applies to the written word, yet YouTube offers a great way to monetize your content without being invasive.  

For instance, you could be paid by YouTube as a result of people watching adverts at the beginning of your clip, or you could do a sponsored post where companies pay to be recommended by you.  

Lastly, you could have your channel or individual episodes sponsored by a company, and include a “shout out” to your sponsor within the introduction of your content.

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