How 24/7 Customer Support Can Help Your Business

There was a time when 24/7 support was the exclusive territory of large organizations, as they were the only ones who had the resources to offer such a service.

Manning telephone lines night and day is not an inexpensive exercise, but when you consider the global business arena, you simply cannot afford to only communicate with people during your office hours.

The global market has no frontiers, and for many online consumers, it is essential to be able to ask questions about the product, and without this, you are likely to lose a percentage of your site visitors.

 Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs How 24/7 Customer Support Can Help Your Business

Localized Language

An established call handling company would have Australian, US and UK receptionists that provide that essential local language input, and with qualified people who strive towards excellence, your 24/7 support system will be second to none.

Customized greetings allow you to carefully consider the words you would like the receptionist to use when answering calls, and should you ever need to change that, one call is all it takes to alter the script.

For the very best in service, you can have a phone answering service by Reception HQ, who are a leading provider of virtual office services, which include telephone answering and message taking.

Flexible Messaging Service 

Your organization would run more efficiently if everyone was on the same page, and with a choice of a call, an SMS, or an email, you can have relevant people instantly updated.

You might, for example, offer a round the clock support service for your customers, and with several mobile teams in operation at any one time, it is essential to get customer information to the right people quickly, and with your flexible call handling service partner, there’s nothing you cannot achieve, at least in terms of connectivity.

Message taking is an art, and if you would like to know more about etiquette when taking messages, click here for an informative blog on the subject.

Call Forwarding Service

You might be one of those people who are always on the move, and with a virtual receptionist answering all your office calls, they can instantly be transferred to your mobile number.

For large companies that have many departments, this service is invaluable, and the call handling provider would be available for seasonal surges to cover for receptionists who are taking their annual leave.

Sales people who are traveling around the country can receive instant updates via their mobile device, and it is this level of connectivity that puts a company’s head and shoulders above their competitors.

Manage Your Business Communications With Smart Apps 

Such is the level of technology, that you can use the call handling company’s smart app, which allows you to configure greetings, and also your chosen method of receiving messages.

You can also make contact with your call handling provider by logging into their website, which is another portal to access their services. The level of flexibility allows you to cater for seasonal surges, and they will cover any of your reception staff absence, which is ideal when the annual holiday is taken.

 Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs How 24/7 Customer Support Can Help Your Business Manage Your Business Communications With Smart Apps