12 Top WordPress Themes For Bloggers

Fortunately, you’ve made a big step in the right direction already. WordPress is the go-to, easy-to-use and stunning blogging platform for many entrepreneurs and creatives alike. But now that you’ve started using it, you may be wondering: why is there still something missing in my blog’s aesthetics?

Well, here’s a simple but important hint to heed. More likely than not, the theme you have chosen doesn’t fit the content of your blog.

While many themes are wonderful to look at, you must consider which one is best for the niche about which you have chosen to write and the audience you aim to draw in.

Today I will outline the best themes for your blog. There are more than 11,000 out there. This post will help you evade the hefty work of sifting through all of them to find clean, efficient and gorgeous themes!

The first five premium themes are only available for purchase, and the last seven are for those who love to blog but are on a tight budget or want to save money for now.

Get ready to explore the top WordPress themes and decide which works best for you to take your blog to the next level.

12 Top WordPress Themes For Bloggers


1. Divi

Divi is an elegant, multifunctional theme with awe-inducing aesthetics for bloggers in every niche! Operating with maximum speed and minimal time spent waiting, this responsive theme will impress even the most artistic and mindful audiences.

Plus, the theme offers every element you could possibly dream up. With Divi, you can include images, your portfolio, clickable social follow icons, galleries, and buttons. The fine details are customizable, and the features listed above are only a taste of the dozens of benefits Divi will add to your blog.

2. Genesis Framework

From bloggers just starting out to proficient computer programmers, Genesis Framework is a theme you should take time to consider. Genesis lets you import your own logo straight to your blog, showcasing your brand easily yet boldly.

Based on your style, you can be imaginative with your blog. Select your theme’s colors, settings, and content and choose from stunning templates already created for you.

3. Avada

Avada is a powerful theme that lets you be the innovative boss you’ve always wanted to be. You can construct and customize any style you want so that it fits your every blogging whim and necessity.

And even though this theme lets you design almost every aspect of your blog for yourself, no computer coding knowledge is required! Both detail-oriented and easy-to-use, this theme will work perfectly for any serious blogger. Seriously.

4. Bridge

Bridge is a clean and speedy theme filled with bright, popping hues and fonts and flawless design that will any reader look twice. The theme has many incredible functions, and blogging is just one of them. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers will especially find this aesthetic theme to be the best fit.

Choose from a vast variety of chic templates and enjoy powerful features like social media integration, infographic elements and full optimization for SEO. And those are just a few.

5. Uncode

Uncode will undoubtedly make your blog stand out. The modern and responsive design is flexible and customizable so you can import your own creative flare and ideas. You can choose from a variety of layouts or invent your own.

Either way, this eye-catching theme is perfect for a vast array of modern bloggers looking to draw in a contemporary audience. From beauty bloggers to lifestyle bloggers to travel bloggers, you will feel welcome here!


1. Juno

Juno combines professionalism with aestheticism to create a neat and elegant design for your blog. The minimalist design gives you room for imagination. Your innovation gets to decide what your audience will pay attention to.

Because many features are customizable, this theme works smoothly for creative writers and entrepreneurs alike. A slider jumbotron area and plenty of wide, open space makes this theme especially perfect for photographers who want to share their art. And all of this for free!

2. Ashe

Welcome, lifestyle bloggers! This theme is just waiting for you to write life hacks, beauty tip, and local food reviews. With an organized and detailed design, your audience can easily keep up with you and your latest posts.

Invite your readers to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with this tasteful design, full of dainty fonts and unparalleled organization. Ashe also is a great fit for those who blog about fashion, weddings and all things beautiful!

3. Activello

This top-rated blog theme looks so amazing that it will work with a diversity of topics and niches! Educators, businesswomen, photographers, food journalists and creative minds can all take on this design.

As you try out the preview before downloading the theme, you’ll find it hard to believe that this efficient design is available at no cost. This SEO-friendly theme will facilitate gaining awareness for your blog and an esteemed online presence.

4. Natural Lite

Nature and outdoors enthusiasts will love this organic, earthy blogging theme! Perfect for those ready to embark on the next adventure, this theme will let you share your journey with readers who are also passionate about discovery.

Gardeners, lifestyle bloggers, travel enthusiasts and advocates of living green will find a trove of customizable features to make their visions known!

5. Bento

Bento is a responsive blog theme perfect for bloggers in a variety of niches. It is SEO-friendly, phone-friendly and works with speed and power.

The theme allows for maximized customization so you can make even the fine details specific and personal to your blog. High speed and complex features assure that this theme is a great fit for any professional in the blogging industry!

6. Kale

Foodies, this is for you! This minimalistic, simple theme provides an unparalleled design for those who blog about health, cuisine and organic lifestyles. As soon as you view the theme demo, you will see for yourself. An organized, precise design will make blogging simple for you and easy to navigate for your readers.

Plus, with this free theme, you have access to awesome features for your blog like front-page featured posts, sidebars, mobile-friendly usage, and customizable texts and logos. Try it for yourself!

7. Business Agency

Although you can go pro with this efficient theme, the free version comes with all the features and qualities you need to create the ideal blog.

Business Agency gives you a big, helpful hint in its name. Businesswomen and entrepreneurs will love the professional design that the theme offers. Still, artists, travelers, and other bloggers are more than welcome to take advantage of the customizable theme and the social menus available with Business Agency.

That’s all!

There are thousands of WordPress themes out there, but hopefully, this list helped you narrow down your options. Whether you choose to start out with a free theme or a premium theme, these twelve top-rated themes will improve your blog and give it the individual style you’ve always sought after.

Before trying a premium theme, make sure to give some thought to the content you want to publish to see if the style matches your interests. And go ahead… I know you want to start experimenting with the last seven themes today!

12 Top WordPress Themes For Bloggers

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