6 Themes For Your Recipe Blog Without Needing To Know How To Code

6 Themes For Your Recipe Blog Without Needing To Know How To Code

Are you that skilled friend or family member that can boast of your outstanding cooking skills? Have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge with a larger audience? If at least one of your answers was “Definitely, yes”, then one of the best ways to do it is to start your own blog.

Along with the realization of your talents around the Internet, it is a good way to turn your hobbies into a source of income. Joy Wilson, Sara Forte, Mimi Thorisson share delicious content on their websites and make money doing it. While you may not be at their level yet, the good news is that it is absolutely doable for you too!

The first step is creating a website and a blog. Fortunately, with the help of the modern website builders and themes, it’s not a big of a deal.

In this article, you will find out about 6 ready-made themes for a stylish and convenient recipes blog. So, roll up your sleeves and put your apron on – we are starting!

What Should An Appealing Recipes Blog Look Like?

A few key things your blog should have include:

  • a unique theme and a consistent style
  • tasty visuals
  • regular updates
  • author’s presence

The overall aesthetics of your blog should be consistent. Just like how good Instagram profiles usually use the same editing technique or filter on all of their photos, a blog should be also consistent with all its images as well. Try to use one color scheme, one style of visuals, one structure for certain categories of posts, etc.

Visuals are everything, especially, for a food blog. Thus, pay attention to the quality of the pics. Creating flat-lays with different backgrounds is an awesome idea.

In addition, it is important to create a content plan. Decide how many times per week/month you will post on your blog. Some food bloggers allocate specific days for certain categories of posts. That way your audience knows what kind of post to look out for on Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday.

Your author’s presence is very important as well. For instance, remember to tell personal stories and relate to emotions as you blog about your journey with food or passion for cooking. 

6 WordPress Themes To Create A Food Blog

Here are 6 ready-made WordPress themes that will help you to create your website in 10 minutes without any coding skills.

1. Cookery Book

This stylish solution for a recipes blog is built with a Cherry framework. It provides a rich toolkit to organize content in an appealing way:

  • Cherry Projects have a large number of the layout and animation options to organize content in categories and mark them with hashtags;
  • Cherry Sidebars offer multiple sidebars variations and layouts for a convenient page structure.

In addition, you can add background videos and Parallax, create galleries, stuff a website with custom widgets and web forms. It contributes to an appealing look and easy navigation.

Cookery Book WordPress Themes for blogs

2. TastyBites

The colorful and juicy theme is packed with everything you need to create a convenient and appealing blog. For instance, you can use such elements as:

  • Posts carousel
  • Simple slider
  • Image grids
  • A large number of background options
  • Multiple menu options

A great number of custom widgets will help to add irreplaceable functions and make navigation absolutely intuitive.

TastyBites WordPress Themes for blogs

3. Gastronomix

This ready-made solution allows choosing between 7 Blog and 10 Single Post layouts. Thus, you can see what looks and works better.

As it is built with Elementor Page Builder, it comes along with a powerful JetElements plugin. Therefore, it extends the technical and styling potential of the theme.

With a TM Gallery plugin and free images, you will be able to create a stunning gallery, which is super important for a recipes blog.

Gastronomix WordPress Themes for blogs

4. Gusto

There is literally a giant with 25+ modules, rich library of presets, and drag and drop nature. Advanced styling options make the customization process faster and easier.

Content modules and layout options allow creating a website according to your expectations because almost every element is customizable.

Gusto WordPress Themes for blogs

5. PrimaMag

With 10 pre-defined layouts, this theme is suitable for different types of blogs including a food one. Drag and drop page builder allows stuffing a website with multiple elements in a couple of clicks.

Furthermore, changing a color scheme, adding, removing or editing content elements is also possible even without knowledge of coding.

PrimaMag WordPress Themes for blogs

6. Chef’s Recipe

The collection of the recipes blog themes wouldn’t be complete without this amazing solution.

The theme offers an impressive set of features for categories, convenient search, page creation and editing. Moreover, it has amazing advanced styling options and shortcodes for more detailed customization.

Chef's Recipe WordPress Themes for blogs

There you have it, all the tools you need to create an appealing food blog! 

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