7 Ways To Promote Your Blog Without Money

7 Ways To Promote Your Blog Without Money ladybossblogger.com

We know how frustrating it is when you spend hours on your new blog but get no traffic.

Running a blog is no easy task.

You can have the perfect layout and the most interesting posts, but that still isn’t enough. In order to have a successful blog, you need to have a solid promotion technique.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve probably tried a bunch of different marketing techniques. Most of the time, bloggers are under the impression that they need to purchase ads to get traffic onto their site. But that’s not true!

Don’t waste your time buying pointless advertisements when you can do effective blog promotion without spending any money. It may sound difficult and will require some of your time – but it definitely works.

1. Quora Marketing

This is a completely free and effective way of blog promotion!

With this marketing strategy, you need to find some Quora threads that are relevant to your blog. For example, if you run a blog about academics, find threads looking for assignment help.

Once you find these threads, write some interesting, high-quality answers that are likely to get attention and pitch your blog on them. You can add links directly from your blog to your answers!

Just make sure you do it in a natural way because evident self-promotion can be annoying for some readers.

2. Create Viral Content

This one is pretty evident, but if you manage to get it right, it will promote your new blog better than any paid advertisements!

So, how do you create viral content?

The first thing to do is to make sure your headlines are good! Your blog titles need to be captivating enough for people to click them immediately.

Another way to create viral content is by capitalizing on current trends.

First, understand who your audience is and what kind of content they’re looking for.

For example, if most of your readers are from Australia, keep up to date with Australian news. If something big happens, capitalize on it by immediately writing a blog post about it.

3. Answer Popular Questions

Every second, someone is entering a question on Google looking for an answer.

Most blogs aim to do exactly this – answer people’s questions.

One great way to promote your blog without spending any money is by answering the questions people are asking the most.

Among students, one of the most popular questions is where to find assignment help online. You can do some easy research and talk about where students can get homework help, whether it’s accounting assignment help or help with a history essay about Australia. Answering questions like these is an easy and free way of blog promotion.

4. Use Social Media

Promote your blog on different social media platforms – it’s free and easy!

It’s important to have a face or brand behind a blog. Whether you identify yourself with the blog or make a new persona for the blog, have social media accounts specifically for your blog!

Create a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account at the very least. You can upload on each platform every time you have a new blog post. Also, make sure to reach out to other fellow bloggers on each site and socialize with them!

5. Use Email

A lot of bloggers think e-mail is an outdated form of communication, but trust us, it’s not! People still use their e-mails on a daily basis, and as a blogger, you should utilize all avenues of blog promotion available to you.

Place an opt-in e-mail option on your blog, and actively promote it on your social media sites. This way, you can gather a comprehensive list of e-mail addresses, your subscriber list.

E-mail these people regularly to let them know about new blog posts you have, or even encourage them to visit old ones!

Learning how to build an email list is one of the core components of promoting your blog and staying in contact with your readers.

6. Write Guest Posts

Remember when we said you should socialize with other bloggers? That’s because they can help you promote your blog for free!

One of the best ways to get traffic on your blog is by guest posting on other relevant blogs. This is a quid pro quo situation. Find another blog with the same following as yours, and you can each guest post on each other blogs.

Of course, a huge blog isn’t going to let any random small or medium-sized blog guest post. This is why we emphasize finding a blog that’s similar to you in size, maybe even smaller.

The aim of guest posting is not to promote your blog to as many people as possible, but to promote it to a given number of people effectively.

Build credibility in your guest posts. Establish yourself, or your brand, as one that others will benefit from. This way, you can build a following of committed readers that will begin to visit your blog regularly.

7. Use SEO

It’s the best way to promote your blog without having to use any money whatsoever. SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. This means that using certain tricks; you can get your blog site to rank higher on search engine results.

You put a lot of effort into the blog posts you write, and the incorporation of a few simple keywords can make a massive difference in how many people find your blog.

For every blog post, do keyword research and incorporate those keywords into your article naturally. It’s important to not overdo their use as well and make sure they occur organically.


Running a blog is an excellent creative outlet and a good way to earn money as well. Don’t give into blog promotion myths that say you have to spend a lot of money on promotion and use these seven tips instead!

And if you’re looking to learn how to become a full-time blogger take a LadyBossBlogger blogging course.

7 Ways To Promote Your Blog Without Money ladybossblogger.com

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