4 Rare Influencer Niches And How To Promote Yours

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Selecting a niche is one of the biggest steps in the beginning stages of your influencing career. If you’re looking to make a profit, the cash typically won’t be flowing in at first, so picking a niche that people find interesting is very important.

Ultimately, following your passion will lead you to success. However, sometimes that passion isn’t as popular or shared with as many people compared to hobbies like traveling or fashion. This can make monetizing your influence trickier, so how do you achieve success despite working in an unconventional niche?

Below are 4 examples of rare influencer niches and how to promote yours.

1. Teacher influencers

Teacher influencers’ audiences mainly consist of other instructors, homeschool moms, and people who want an inside look at school happenings and functions.

These influencers are crucial resources for their fellow educators. They post creative materials and classroom lesson plans, as well as look for ideas and tips to gain from other teachers.

2. Cleanfluencers

“Cleanfluencers” came to light during the wellness trend and share content about keeping their homes squeaky clean. Some of the things cleanfluencers focus on include:

  • Posts about cleaning their homes
  • Before-and-after cleaning comparisons
  • Time lapses of them cleaning
  • Practical, helpful cleaning tips

Not only do cleanfluencers feature cleaning hacks, product reviews, and recommendations, they also give their audience the satisfaction and enjoyment of cleaning without having to move a muscle.

3. SEO influencers

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you improve your visibility in search results, increasing the likelihood for viewers to click through and find your profile. The specifics of SEO can be hard to master. That’s where SEO influencers’ advice and knowledge can come in handy.

Search algorithms are always changing, and it isn’t exactly easy to keep track. SEO influencers help monitor these adjustments and share the most important and relevant news with their following.

They understand small changes in digital and search marketing fields, explain SEO trends, and share useful SEO tips.

4. Retail influencers

Retail-focused Instagram accounts typically devote their feed to one retail store or brand and share content from inside the store, as well as their latest hauls.

From Target fanatics to IKEA lovers, many of these retail influencers are discussing about their favorite food or find at their favorite stores.

Now that you’ve seen a few examples of rare influencer niches, it’s time to promote yours! These are some final steps you can take to ensure your own success as an influencer working in a smaller niche:

Good luck, and happy influencing!

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rare influencer niches ladybossblogger.com

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