How To Create Successful Instagram Video Posts For Your Business

How To Create Successful Instagram Video Posts For Your Business

Making an Instagram video for your business can be a big opportunity to show off your brand.

There are many business accounts on Instagram, and many post videos. But what makes one business’s videos more successful than others?

Here are five ways to perfect your business video posts on Instagram.

1. Have your logo in your video

Logos are the symbol of your business and brand, be sure to include it at either the beginning or end of your video. They are also how viewers recognize you and it helps build a relationship with your customers. 

Customers buy from businesses they trust, and that first takes an established/establishing relationships.

2. Be specific 

When creating an Instagram video for your business, it is CRUCIAL to have a specific purpose or vision for your videos. What are you showing off to viewers?

Are you highlighting a new product? Are you showcasing an event your business hosted?

If your video is not topic-specific viewers lose interest because they cannot easily follow what’s happening. 

Remember: most people watch videos casually, they don’t want to have to think too hard about what they are viewing. Try making your title as specific as possible. 


3. Visually simple

Continuing with the theme of “easy watching”, your videos should be visually simple. By that, I mean easy to look at.

Aside from using a quality camera and good lighting to get the sharpest videos, following a simple color pallet can be helpful. 

Bold colors activate excitement, whereas black and white invoke contemplation. How do you want your viewers to feel after watching? What is their emotional motivation to buy your product/service?

Also keep in mind that smartphones have a small screen, so close up shots of one particular thing are most effective for getting your point across. 

4. Short audio info

Most Instagram users watch videos without the sound on. But for the ones that watch with the sound on it is important to keep it short.

Nobody can pay attention to a “long list of side effects”- like ads. So keeping the audio short and clear is your best bet at a successful video. 

5. Timing

Posting content online is all about timing. Not just what time of day you post your video, but the time of year, if there is anything trending in your field, and what the social scape currently is. 

Events and triggers are constantly happening in the social sphere of the internet, being privy to key social issues never hurts. It’s beneficial to ensure there is no controversy with your content. 

You may also want to consider the launch dates of your products/services. You may want to post a brief couple-of-seconds video to build hype before your launch. 

Social media is an art, and every artist has their own individual techniques. Experiment with these tips to see what works best for your business Instagram. 

How To Create Successful Instagram Video Posts For Your Business

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