3 Etsy Ways To Revamp Your Workplace Wardrobe

3 etsy ways to revamp your wardrobe ladybossblogger.com

Finding your own signature style can be the hardest part when it comes to clothing!

We all want to find a look that is on-trend and makes us feel comfortable. Discovering a suitable statement piece to match your style and maintain your uniqueness is the perfect way to stay fashionable and confident. And there’s no difference when it comes to your office outfits.

Let’s face it, work clothes are boring and repetitive, plus you and your coworkers seem to blend into each other after a while. So maintaining your signature style and finding a statement piece for work can be a good remedy to the workplace blues and help you to stand out in the crowd.

Though most of us have our hands tied when it comes to what we’re allowed to wear in the workplace, it’s sort of free reign when it comes to accessories. So an awesome place to start when creating your personal style at work is with the classics.

1. Handbags

Whether it be for convenience or style, everyone needs a handbag and the Etsy Design Awards has no shortage of options. No matter what suits your style, a handbag never disappoints when it comes to finding a unique statement piece. So let the compliments roll in and your confidence build

Phoebe Acrylic Clutch

Phoebe acrylic clutch in translucent green

This clutch bag is at the forefront of an innovative style. It plays off the recent clear bag trend with a colored and geometric twist. It’s not super practical but definitely makes a statement.

Large Leather Tote

Large Signature Bag In Brown, Leather Tote, Vegetable Tanned Leather Tote, Traditional Harness Tote, Hand Stitched Leather Bag, Copper

This tote bag, on the other hand, makes for an extremely practical addition to your workday wardrobe. Not only can it hold a significant amount of whatever it is you need, but it also has a basic boho look to go with whatever you choose to wear as well.

2. Jewelry

Another easy way to add some fun to your work-place wardrobe is through jewelry, and there are some real crazy designs out there making it easy to find a piece that speaks to you. 

Morse Code Ring 

Morse Code Ring, Diamond Gold Band, Personalized Wedding Band, Mom Gold Ring, Kids Name Ring, Custom Wedding Band

If your jewelry tastes are a little more laid back you can keep it unique with this ring. It can display any inspirational message you chose. This ring is subtle in looks and in intentions, making it the perfect addition to your everyday look. 

Gemstone Bar Necklace

Bar Necklace, Gemstone Bar Necklace, Gemstone Necklace, Horizontal Bar Necklace, Layering Necklace, Gift for Women, Christmas Gift

Necklaces are always a great way to add a nice touch to any wardrobe. This gemstone bar necklace is perfect for layering with any look. You also have the option to customize with different stones and finishes to your specific style.

3. Outerwear

Now if you’re like me, handbags and jewelry might be as far from your own personal style as you can get. That’s okay because you can find your statement pieces in outerwear as well.

Shoes, jackets, hats, whatever you need to break your work clothing routine. There’s a statement piece for everyone’s unique wardrobes.

 Boho Mule Shoes

Women Boho Mules Shoes, Leather Mules, Black & White Heeled Mules, Pointed Toe Mules, Open Heel Shoes, Slip On Shoes-BERMUDA

You can find classic styles with a twist like these mule shoes. Reminiscent of a men’s suit shoe, these feminine strap-back shoes would go great with a black slack. We totally stan for men’s fashion for women, especially in the workplace!

Color-Changing Raincoat

Color changing, Rain coat, Rain jacket, Womens coats, Long coat, Regenmantel, Mastyc, Regenjacke, Wind proof, Water proof, Sustainable

There are also exciting fabrics like this color-changing raincoat. This piece molds with your body as well as the weather. What’s better than a jacket that is different every time you wear it!   

We’ve all got some constraints when it comes to our work-place wardrobe and we’ve all got our own style outside of work. With these fun accessories and outerwear, you can combine the two and show off a little bit of your true self in the office.

No matter how you choose to express yourself Etsy has a statement piece for everyone! Stop blending in with your coworkers and start standing out.

3 etsy ways to revamp your workplace wardrobe LadyBossBlogger.com

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