Christina King-Rogers Started Her Skincare Company While Battling Stage 3 Thyroid Cancer

Christina King-Rogers was battling stage 3 thyroid cancer and couldn’t find anything on the market to treat her skin conditions, so she started her own organic skincare line. Now as a cancer survivor with the help of her own products she uses daily, she is helping other women achieve the same results she has had with her own skin. Her goal is to help women and their families learn about the importance of a creating a healthy skin care regimen and to deliver great products to help them accomplish it. Read our interview with the lovely Christina below…

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What motivated and inspired you to start your own business?

What has motivated me to start my own business has always been my constant love and passion for skincare. I was raised in a household where my mom was a successful entrepreneurial business owner for 25 years in the cosmetology field. That is where my passion began through watching her nurture and care for the beauty of other women. My inspiration to start my own skincare line manifested from my own health journey in 2009 where I was diagnosed with a stage 3 thyroid cancer. After undergoing multiple surgeries and radiation treatments my skin went through some major and drastic changes with lastly affects of extremely dry skin, thinning hair and brittle nails. Everything on the market was not working for my skin condition. Though I knew the root cause was from the radiation treatments, I made a conscious decision to start to heal my body from the inside out and completely rid my body of all synthetic toxins. That is when I created Blessed Organic Essentials.

Tell us about your business.

BO Essentials specializes in creating all natural skin care products. We handcraft in small batches and formulate all products with 100% premium certified oils and infused with various herbs and plants to do everything from sooth, heal, relax and revitalize the human body. Our products are formulated to work with a variety of skin types from dry to oily, combination and various skin conditions. The various health benefits are for the human body, mind and soul. We also offer our exclusive a la carte facial spa services currently being offer at Salon Olori International inside of “Relaxation On The Go Massage” suite.

What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running?

The first steps I took in getting my business up and running was researching my craft. I knew with a new business venture in the works that I had to do my homework about the biggest organ of the body… which is our skin. Through months of research, I found that 80% of what we put on the skin is immediately absorbed into the blood stream which can cause major health issues. I looked into what was currently on the market for all natural skin care, reviews of certain products and the demands and needs of my target market, which helped me focus on targeting those areas in my own business.

What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

I have found that the most effective way of raising awareness is through my various social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook. Promoting our products on our online web-store and supporting/sponsoring various entrepreneurial/networking events. We have gained new customers by delivering great products, hard work, and mostly by word of mouth referrals.


What have been your biggest challenges so far?

My biggest challenge is being a perfectionist and a workaholic. I learned quickly in being an business owner/entrepreneur that those personalities traits where not always convenient and useful. I also noticed I was constantly working and moving to the next phase of work without taking advantage of those priceless moments to celebrate and cherish every victory and milestone that has happened in the 2 years we have been in business.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I have overcome my challenges by learning the hard way through failing in some areas, but mostly through the insight from other successful business entrepreneurs. After talking to them I realized that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. I have overcome and taken away from my challenges as a business owner that perfection is not the answer, and switched my focus to operating in integrity and professionalism at all times. I also realized that my customers have grown to appreciate me being transparent with them about my imperfections and therefore it has created great partnerships and trusting relationships.

How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

I stay motivated through difficult times through looking back over my professional resume to see how far we have come and accomplished in such a short period of time. My unfailing love and passion for helping others has also kept me driven when times get tough.

How did you distinguish yourself from your competitor?

Once I created our 5 step beauty skincare system, that has been tested and proven excellent results, that was my distinguisher. Also we not only specialize in providing natural skincare products, but we offer our a la carte luxe spa services to strategically teach our customers step by step how to take care of their skin and utilize our products at home to gain the amazing results.

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What is the best advice you have received recently?

The best advice I received was if you are the smartest person in your circle you are in the wrong circle. I have used that to my advantage and have always surrounded myself around those who I can learn and gain valuable knowledge from in the beauty industry.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Work hard, have faith in God and never give up. You will have moments where you will fail and moments where you will succeed. Take the time to reflect, plan, and most importantly take action.

What is your favorite business tool or resource?

My favorite business tool and resource is When I don’t know the answer I immediately resort to googling it. LOL!

What social media outlets do you use? List them below.

Instagram @b.o.essentials
Twitter @boessentialckr
Facebook @b.o.essentials @christinakingrogers
Hashtags #boessentials #blessedorganicessentials #naturalskincareproducts #natural #skincare #naturalbeauty #naturalista


What is a good article or book you have read recently?

I am currently reading the Holy Bible. I always start my day with a scripture reading as it has always help me to remain humble.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them?

My goals for this company in the next few months is take my brand to the next level by putting our products on the retailers shelves and taking our brand nationwide. We are currently in the process of making that dream a reality.