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13 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement

It’s not about the number of your followers, it’s about your level of engagement.  If your audience takes action from your suggestions, that is extreeeeemely valuable. That is what an influencer is. Learn how to become an influencer. HIGH ENGAGEMENT = HIGH POTENTIAL PROFIT. Engagement comes with the trust that you build with your audience. Therefore, …

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Branding Tips Elaine's Advice Column

How And Why It’s Crucial To Create A Strong Personal Brand

As an entrepreneur, your personal brand has the ability to set you up for speaking opportunities, podcast interviews, media coverage, and more! When done right you can showcase yourself as an expert in the areas of your expertise. As a freelancer, personal brands are crucial for showing your skills to establish credibility and dependability and …

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How To Get Brands To Notice, Collaborate, And Pay You As An Influencer

If you know what brands are looking for, you’ll know how to fit their needs. But before we dive into that, you must have the right mindset and approach towards influencer marketing; and no, it’s not all about freebies. You have to start thinking of yourself (and your brand) as an advertising agency. Magazines, TV, …

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