7 Amazing Benefits of Facebook Video Advertising For eCommerce Businesses

Are the owner of an eCommerce business and are trying to promote it? eCommerce require more conversions for meeting sales targets, different ways of repeating sales from past customers, and relevant traffic in place of accidental visitors. Facebook video advertisements are a great option! A lot of companies are even using Facebook for microsurveys and then running the relevant laser advertisements. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how you can use Facebook video advertising to market your business.

The 7 Benefits

1. Facebook Users Watch Videos Actively

There are 140 million Facebook users who watch videos every day. This means that if you successfully attract and engage the audience with an interesting video, you will get a lot of active discussions and shares. Facebook is an amazing platform to reach viewers that otherwise would not know about your business. Therefore, if you use it right, Facebook advertising can be very lucrative. For example, a company that makes stylish and exclusive handmade boots and shoes includes customer testimonials in its Facebook video ads to gain the trust of its prospective buyers.

2. Increase Engagement

Videos are useful in measuring likes, comments, and shares that bring good social media engagement. Speaking of engagement, video advertisements on Facebook are great working tools that help businesses get more followers. Also, videos keep followers interested which brings high conversions and more visitors.

3. Grab Attention

Interesting and creative Facebook video advertisements are good at grabbing attention and they dominate the social media marketing arena. This is because, not only do Facebook videos catch people’s attention, they also are an educational tool. They can help with conversions and sales by sharing more information about your company.

What’s more, if you engage your audiences with interesting video ads, they will share them, further enlarging your viewer circle. You can take the example of here, and this footwear company has one of the most talked-about and successful Facebook video ads.

4. Increase Brand Recognition

It is the reputation of your brand that will bring in more business and sales for you. Video advertisements on Facebook are effective in getting desired outcomes and the success of your marketing campaign.

Brand recognition achieved through Facebook video ads further gives quality traffic, high conversions, high revenue, and complete product understanding benefit your eCommerce business.

Above everything else, the ads help audiences feel comfortable and trust your products and services.

5. Affordability

Facebook ads help build good business, but you have to invest before seeing the benefits. Video advertisements on Facebook are not expensive, and they stay relevant for a long time and offer detailed information about your eCommerce business. Almost each and every kind of business can benefit from video advertisements on Facebook.

And yes, since you have the option of using an online ad maker, you do not need to spend bucks on hiring a professional. There are many tools with pre-made templates for creating videos where you need to put in pictures and clips to complete your work.

So, there’s no need to hire a professional video maker if you do not possess good skills in making videos.

6. More Conversions

The CTR or click-through rate of a general video advertisement is around 1.84%, making it as effective as a TV advertisement. The average conversion rate of a Facebook video ad is 9.21% across all industries.

The reason why Facebook advertisements provide high conversion is that real individuals watch them, and by way of interesting content, marketers are successful in creating emotional connections.

7. Perfect For Retargeting

With video advertisements, you get the scope of retargeting your audiences. There are many reasons behind retargeting and several advantages of the same. So, retargeting helps generate more sales that keep your brand right in the center.

Apart from this, retargeting enlarges the recognition cycle of your brand and gives you this extra scope of reminding your potential buyers about your business.

The Bottom Line

All in all, with mobile video views increasing by 100% every year and the reach of Facebook advertisements getting to 1.9 million users, it is not a surprise that more and more brands are keen on stepping up or even starting their Facebook ad campaigns. It is one of the most effective tools that can bring eCommerce businesses much success and many paying customers. So, if you have a business, I encourage you to start advertising on Facebook and grow your success!

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