5 Best Hiring Websites To Find The Best Candidates

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Are you looking to grow your company, but are not sure where to start hiring from? Are you a bit overwhelmed with the possible sites and programs?

Hiring employees can be a stressful process, but there are sites out there that want to make that process easier. Let’s look at the 5 of the best ones!

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most well-known recruiting sites. You see ads for it online and on TV, and schools are constantly talking about it. The main reason people are on LinkedIn is for the networking component, but this is a great resource for businesses too.

When you post a job on LinkedIn, the site automatically pulls up candidates who match your criteria. You are then able to reach out to them; it’s super easy and user-friendly.

LinkedIn makes it super easy to look at candidates, as their profile outlines their resume and education.

People are also able to find your company through the site and reach out to you.

2. Monster

Monster is a fantastic site when trying to fill a job position. The site will match you with candidates automatically and you decide which would be the best match. You can see their potential with just a glance.

Hiring LadyBossBlogger.com

Monster will also list the candidate’s soft skills so you can see more of who they are as people and how they would fit in at your company.

If you are new to hiring, Monster has some resources for you!

  • Job description templates
  • Recruiting strategies
  • Workforce management
  • Small business hiring

3. Indeed

Indeed is another great site for employees and employers alike. One great feature is the company reviews. This is an easy way to get your name out there. Using this as a marketing tool will have more people reaching out to your company.

When you post a job listing, you should include screening questions. According to Indeed, jobs posted with “screener questions are 35% more likely to result in a hire”.

When you pay for your job posts, Indeed automatically connects you with candidates whose resumes match your job listing. You are then able to organize those candidates and easily create your shortlist.

Once you find people you think are a good fit, Indeed takes care of the interview process too. You are able to conduct virtual interviews through the site, no other program is needed.

4. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is an “employment marketplace connecting employers with job seekers”. They differentiate themselves by sending your job postings to 100+ other sites. That diversification of sites makes it so as many see your job posting as possible.

ZipRecruiter’s matching technology then reaches out to candidates if the algorithm finds they match the skills required.

The best part of ZipRecruiter is that it is easy to use and free.

5. College recruiting sites

Most colleges have recruitment sites for their students to help them find work upon graduation. If you are looking to hire people just entering the workforce this is a great resource for you.

Most colleges have their own sites, so you will have to post the job listing to multiple sites, but most are easy to navigate. A great example would be Handshake.

Handshake matches you with candidates based on your search criteria. You can also host 1 on 1 or group events in order to get people interested in your company. Students are also very likely to apply after you reach out and message them through the site.

Handshake also has a resource center that informs you about the latest hiring trends with the current age group entering the job market.

All these sites are wonderful ways to get your name and job listing out there. Joining one or all the sites explored above will ensure that you find the best people for the job. Get posting today!

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