4 Ways Of Getting The Right Hire For Your Vacancy

You’d think that someone would have wanted the job. 

If you have had job roles advertised within your company, and you are getting a limited response, you may be left scratching your head as to why. The media often tells us about unemployment statistics, but even when they are falling, the numbers are still massive. 

Or, you may have plenty of people applying, but when it comes down to interviewing them, the caliber is not good enough. This can be just as bad as having nobody applying at all. You don’t want to get stuck with someone that you will either have to spend lots of extra time managing or worse still sacked immediately. 

There are ways of avoiding these recruitment disasters, though, and with some careful planning, you will be able to hire a team member with the desired skills and experiences. 

4 Ways Of Getting The Right Hire For Your Vacancy

1. Be Clear About What You Are Looking For

If you are getting lots of applications from unsuitable people, it may be because your advert has not provided the relevant information for potential applicants. 

Think about sharing as much about the role as possible. What it entails, and what skills and experience you expect your new hire to have.

If you can indicate where the job will be, and what the hours and shift patterns may be, as well as information about wages, salary, or pay scales. 

Your job advert is as much about selling your company as a great place to work, as it is a tool for attracting new talent. 

2. Let Your Applicants Know What You Have To Offer

A great applicant will no doubt have their eye on several opportunities. If you want to be in with a fighting chance of securing the best candidates, you will need to have a lot to offer.

This may not just be based on financial rewards. Somebody who cares about their job and career will look for what you can offer in terms of training and development.

They will also have their eye on the future, so they will be eyeing up long term prospects such as internal career progression. 

If there are training programs, or the opportunity for progression later on down the line, make sure you outline this. 

3. Have A Strict Filtration Process

Working through applicants is a long process. You will need to need to compare resumes and application forms fairly.

If you have a list of things that an application must have, this is a good starting block for sorting through potential hires. 

4. Streamline Your Communication

Using a recruitment email template, you can ensure you are sending out the same messages to potential interviewees, saving you time too.

With how time-consuming recruitment can get, you will need all of the help that you can get to save time. 

Have a set of clear interview questions that try and elicit an answer that allows the applicant to go in-depth into their experiences.

Use the same question set for all applicants to make sure that you are giving everyone the same chance. 

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