4 Websites That Link You With Paid Blogging Deals

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Are you looking for ways to grow your brand or business? Or maybe you are looking for brands to partner with? It can be a very overwhelming and confusing process. There are many sites that claim to connect you with paid blogging deals, but where to begin?

Fear not! We have compiled a list of four sites that are wonderful resources and easy places to look!

1. Valued Voice  

Valued Voice wants to help take some things off your plate and help you grow your brand. They are a “name you price” link-building service.

Valued Voice specializes in white label link building with custom strategies and cost structures. They utilize bounty express to allow for their customers to control the prices of the links, at any scale. They also offer SEO services so you can optimize your website content.

Valued Voice also offers:

  • Flexible workflow
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Dashboard access

Click the link and sign up with Valued Voice today!

2. Izea

If you manage a creator or are a creator yourself, Izea is the site for you!

Izea streamlines your marketing campaigns in one easy-to-use place. Not only are you able to create the graphics you use in your campaigns across social media platforms, but they are all easily organized and accessible. All payments for your expenses are also congregated in one, easy place.

Izea also created a wonderful creator community for support and possible collaborations for you to access.

They also have a host of other resources available:

  • Data and studies
  • Partners
  • 101 guides
  • A blog

Plans start at $500/month.

Click the link and sign up with Izea today!

3. Linqia

Linqia is an influencer marketing platform. They utilize a mixed media strategy for a more holistic approach to marketing.

Linqia has a two-pronged approach to give you the best of both worlds. They have a team of creative and influencer marketing experts to review your campaigns and offer advisement. Then they utilize their AI software to do all the heavy lifting and match you with the right influencers for your campaigns.

But Linqia does not just help brands, it works with influencers too. Are you creating campaigns that you can use for multiple channels? Linqia can show you how! Linqia shows you what organically works for you and matches you with brands. And all your posts are centralized in one place for ease and efficiency.

Whether you are an influencer looking for a brand to partner with or a brand looking to hire an influencer, Linqia is focused on optimization, with real-time feedback.

Click the link and sign up with Linqia today!

4. Blogdash

Blogdash is a site focused on helping you grow your blog.

The first thing they focus on is your blog itself. How are you writing and structuring your posts? And how are you promoting said blog on your other social media platforms?

Next, they offer resources for expansion. How are you expanding, what is your outreach?

They offer things such as:

  • Outreach opportunities
  • Social networking advice
  • Outreach guide
  • Outreach strategies

Blogdash is a relatively simple service but is a wonderful resource. Click here to check it out!

There is no need to get stressed out over finding influencers or brands to partner with. These companies do not believe the process should be stressful or confusing. Check out these four sites and find your newest paid blogging deals now!

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