7 Best Marketing Tools For Blogging

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For your blog to continue growing, you need to ensure that you are equipped with appropriate marketing tools.

Content not only has to grab your audience’s attention, but it also needs to be tailored in a way that makes your blog unique.

7 Best Marketing Tools For Blogging

So how do you help your blog stand out?

And what can help you grow it?

1. Viral Content Bee

For content to serve its absolute purpose, it needs to generate traffic on social media.

And social media is the best platform to get your content to go viral so that you can expand your audience.

However, the process of generating traffic is not often straightforward.

That is where Viral Content Bee comes in handy. It helps by generating shares for blog posts through a neat crowdsourcing model.

The model allows the user to create multiple blog post projects, this way you get an opportunity to share your projects with other users and get points.

Also, if other people use your projects or share them on social media, you also earn points, and eventually, your content will generate the required traffic hence give you a break in the market.

This tool can definitely help increase your visibility and get a constant traffic flow to your posts.

2. Zyro Free Logo Maker

The Zyro free logo maker turns a creative logo idea into a reality.

The best thing about this tool is that its free and only takes a few minutes to develop an exceptional logo.

The tool doesn’t require any professional designing skills for one to effectively use and develop a logo. Therefore, it minimizes any unplanned expenses.

3. BuzzSumo

This tool is used when you want to research content.

Using this tool, you will find top-performing articles from other people’s blogs or shared posts under various topics and influencers that might want to cooperate with you.

For a blogger who wants to succeed, you should know that content is what drives traffic to your blog, and making use of this tool for finding important topics and shared stories can get you started.

BuzzSumo has a paid and free version which can always be an alternative as you start your blog.

4. AWeber

The use of email to market your blog gives you a great way to attract and interest new visitors, it also maintains the interest of existing readers.

AWeber is one of the best and most popular email marketing tools out there.

The tool has many ready to use email marketing templates and allows you to build on your subscribers.

The tool provides you with features such as autoresponders, email templates, and advanced HTML.

5. ConvertKit

You can connect ConvertKit to your blog so that you capture readers’ emails and turn them into subscribers.

This tool is totally free for you to use until you hit 500 subscribers.

6. SmarterQueue

SmarterQueue is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your content and post it across all your social media networks on autopilot.

You can schedule out your content for months and set it up to requeue itself so you don’t have to upload more posts, it will simply recycle your content over and over again!

7. Crazy Egg

This marketing tool is paid and is used by bloggers to find and learn about the behaviors of their new subscribers.

Major Companies use Crazy Egg to conduct analysis and real-time insights of heat and scroll maps.

Bloggers can use it to get to know who their subscribers are and how to handle and communicate with them.


The tools that work best for another person might not yield the same results for you.

Therefore, always be willing to adjust your flow and go beyond other blog marketing limitations.

Here are 50+ more tools for you to check out to grow your blog.

Good luck!