6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

It’s not easy being a working mom trying to juggle running a business or a full-time job with family life. And with Covid-19 in the picture, it becomes even more difficult.

Working from home with tons of distractions is tricky, with everyone stuck at home, kids attending online classes, a household to manage and, of course, the sweet urge to just sit down and enjoy some good quality family time.

If you were somehow successfully maintaining a good work-life balance before this, it is likely that that thin line is becoming increasingly difficult to walk.

What these superhero mothers need is a few extra hours in the day – or a helping hand. With the right tools to help you out, you can shrink your work time considerably by working smarter, not harder.

PosterMyWall is an example of one such tool that can give you easy ways to adapt your business to this new world and what exists beyond it.

From the comfort of your home, you can create stunning, professional marketing content, share your designs with your team in a single click to get their feedback and contribution and then roll out your creations for the world to see in the form of social media posts, online ads, emails and much more! 

Let’s talk about a few ways you can build and strengthen your brand and how PosterMyWall can be your best friend as you ace your roles as a mother, businesswoman, and lady boss.

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

1. Create a logo that tells your story

Your logo is your first shot at leaving a lasting impression on the world. Colors, shapes, imagery, lettering, etc. all matter as it’s a singular image that represents who you are as a brand.

Hence, it is important that you design one that not only makes you stand out from the crowd but also delivers the right brand message.

What’s the right brand message, you may ask?

That question is for you to answer.

As a business owner, you have a vision for your business and a certain image that you want to conjure in people’s minds when they hear your brand’s name. Think about this image and then carefully craft a logo that represents it

This is a critical step in branding yourself and growing your business because if your logo is unique, memorable, and timeless, your brand will spread like wildfire and live for years.

It sounds like a difficult (and expensive) choice but the good news is that you do not need to hire an expensive graphic designer or even have an eye for design to create something memorable.

PosterMyWall’s logo tool gives you access to a huge variety of professionally designed logo templates that you can customize to your needs even without any prior design skills! 

Everything in the templates is customizable so you can change the texts, fonts, color palette, etc until you feel the logo represents your brand effectively. It’s easy, quick, affordable and the perfect solution for someone trying to get the job done right without spending days in design iterations with a designer. 

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

2. Make connections through social media

In the current digital age, having a social media presence is crucial for any business to build brand awareness and connect with their audience on a personal level, and in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming even more important.

With everyone social distancing and staying at home, there are more people scrolling through their feeds and engaging with online content than ever which makes it the perfect opportunity for you to put your business out there and connect with as many people as you can on social media.

So start creating engaging and interesting content for social media and post consistently to keep your feed – and your followers’ interest – alive. One way to do this is by posting content that your audience can interact with.

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

For example, Instagram stories with polls, quizzes, and themed bingo boards are a great, personable way to increase audience engagement with your social media and help increase brand awareness.

Remember that, like your logo, your social media content should also reflect your brand personality and brand message. Be thoughtful about the tone you use and the aesthetics of the visuals you create.

It sounds like a lot of effort to put into your daily posts but with PosterMyWall, you can minimize your effort and maximize your impact on social media – for free.

With thousands of free social media templates at your disposal, it takes just a few minutes to pick a template you like and customize it for your brand, freeing up more time for you to invest in other business functions as well as spend with your family. 

3. Go the extra mile with videos

Posting only traditional text and image advertisements can become dull and repetitive for your audience who is already being constantly bombarded with content from thousands of brands.

To really get their attention, you need to post content that is eye-catching enough to pique their interest and make them pause their scrolling. Video promotions are the perfect way to do this.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, we can imagine the impact video creates on people. Case in point, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined!

However, producing high-quality promotional videos is a time-consuming task and since most business owners themselves lack video-making expertise, it can also require getting professional help. For a small business owner who also has a household to manage and is looking to cut down on time and costs, this is not a feasible option.

But PosterMyWall comes again to the rescue, offering thousands of pre-produced video templates that you can customize to your needs and get professional-looking promotional video content without hiring a professional. 

You can also browse through thousands of stock audio and video clips, music, and sound effects (or even add your own) to further enhance your designs.

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

4. Present yourself professionally on Zoom

While self-quarantining allows you the freedom to take business calls in your pajamas, it is still important to convey professionalism to your potential clients or business affiliates.

With most of your interactions happening on Zoom, you can take advantage of the features of online conferencing to do this. For example, Zoom’s virtual backgrounds can be fun to use with friends, but they can also be utilized in a professional setting.

A virtual background can turn your cluttered bedroom into an organized office or something that matches the theme of your business. Whatever you can possibly imagine, PosterMyWall can provide a virtual zoom background that meets your needs so you can make the right impression in your meetings.

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

5. Tap into the email marketing goldmine

With social distancing limiting your in-person interactions with your customers and business affiliates, adapting to these new circumstances and reaching out to them in different ways is crucial to growing your business.

An easy and effective way to do this is through email marketing. This method of communication allows you to reach many people at once and keep everyone updated on the latest regarding your business while also offering higher rates of conversion than most marketing platforms.

Presenting yourself professionally is necessary for all methods of communication, including email. With emails that are professionally designed and carefully crafted, people will trust your business more.

PosterMyWall helps you create this professional experience for your audience in a matter of minutes by not only providing stunning email headers to spruce up your marketing emails but also by actually allowing you to create and send these email campaigns to your desired mailing lists in a few clicks without even leaving the site! 

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

6. Establish yourself as an expert with blogging

If you’re not blogging for your business already, it is high time you started. Not only will it allow you to talk about your products or services and give a closer look into what your business is all about, but it can also be used as a way to share with your customers all the valuable insights you have gained during your experience in the industry and add credibility to your business.

This will help to establish you as a knowledge expert in the industry and make your business the one people seek out when they next find themselves in need of information. 

To make your blog an effective communication device, make sure it is not just filled with long blocks of text. While all the information you are offering might be highly useful, if your content isn’t attractive, people will not read on.

To make your blog posts easier to consume, it is recommended to add a text break in the form of an image, video, or gif after every 400 words. On PosterMyWall, you can find beautifully designed blog headers, quote images, infographics, videos, and more to bring your blog posts to life.

This way, you can have a professional-looking blog without breaking the bank or spending hours making designs on your own. You can even share your blog on your social media platforms with eye-catching visuals created on PosterMyWall. 

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

Wrapping it up

Running a successful business while maintaining your ideal work-life balance may seem like a distant dream right now but it is easy to achieve by making small but effective changes in the way you work that help you save time and money.

By following these simple suggestions and adding the right tools to your business arsenal, you can get started on making this dream a reality!

6 Time-Saving Techniques To Help Working Moms Build Their Brand ladybossblogger.com

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