7 Inspirational Companies That Have Mastered Instagram For Business

7 Inspirational Companies That Have Mastered Instagram For Business ladybossblogger.com

When starting your own business, the idea of launching social media accounts, similar to other inspirational companies, may be daunting.

Although it may seem overwhelming, your Instagram account should be one of the FIRST tasks you complete as a small business. If you’re nervous to start, have your friends follow the account, and post some behind-the-scenes prep work to help you gain a head start!

Below we have found the best business accounts to follow, so you can be inspired and have your account growing in no time:

1.  WeWork

WeWork ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @wework

WeWork is a company that provides shared workspaces and services for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

WeWork, on Instagram, is known for its “great use of visuals, but [it] also employs smart hashtags to help its content get viral traction and more exposure in its Instagram business account,” says Larry Kim on Mobile Monkey.

Currently, WeWork has approximately 628,000 followers and its most recent post has almost 32.7K views. WeWork was also able to use a “smart hashtag” which makes its content visible to a wider audience. #MondayMotivation

2. FedEx

FedEx ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @fedex

FedEx is very unique when it comes to their business account. This comes as no surprise, really. The brand has already deemed itself creative by hiding an arrow in its logo.

What FedEx does differently on its profile is “share colorful photos taken by its fans in its Instagram business account, usually featuring a FedEx vehicle of some variety out doing its thing” writes Kim.

This, not only saves the company time and money by not having to professionally shoot their own content, but it also makes their account more trustworthy.

3. Oreo

Oreo ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @oreo

Oreo’s ads and social media content consistently exude a sense of joy. This is only complemented by the bright blue hue that accompanies each one of its TV commercials.

What Oreo does successfully with its account is blend clever short videos in with its photo content. This keeps their feed interesting, plus their 3 million followers love 10- to 15-second snippets.

You will never find something that can’t make you smile on Oreo’s profile!

4. Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @entrepreneur

What we at LadyBossBlogger like best about Entrepreneur Magazine is that it features inspirational companies and entrepreneurs on Instagram.

According to Allie Wolff of Hatch Buck, “you can find different kinds of business owners and learn from their stories. And, [Entrepreneur Magazine is] not just posting standard business headshots. The publication captures each entrepreneur in their element.” Perfect for when you are looking for inspiration for your own Instagram.

5. Daymond John

Daymond John ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @thesharkdaymond

If you have ever tuned into Shark Tank, then you certainly should know Daymond John. Daymond John is a businessman, motivational speaker, and author.

What businesses and people like about Daymond John and his account is the “great motivation for those who need it on a daily basis.” He is constantly posting videos from his speaking events and even is sharing the successes of inspirational companies and others whether it is business-related or not.

6. Girl Boss

Girl Boss ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @girlboss

In the past few years, the Girl Boss brand has blown up. Sophia Amoruso, the founder of the fast-fashion brand Nasty Gal, has gained a significant amount of credibility by sharing her story through her book Girl Boss, and through her show on Netflix as well.

The Girlboss account on Instagram provides content on work, money, and self-care. “It’s a platform for redefining success through content and community,” says Saige Driver of Business News Daily.

7. Richard Branson 

Richard Branson ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @richardbranson

Currently, Richard Branson (the founder of the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies) ranks eighth among the wealthiest British billionaires by net worth.

Sir Branson’s account is a “great dose of entrepreneurship motivation and inspiration. If you want to learn, learn from the best… there is no better person to learn entrepreneurship from than… Richard Branson,” says Kliszczak.

As you look through our list, think about which accounts particularly echo your brand or your own personality. Carefully searching through each account will help you find who inspired you most to be successful. 

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7Inspirational Companies That Have Mastered Instagram For Business ladybossblogger.com

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