5 Things To Avoid Doing As An Influencer

5 things to avoid doing as an influencer ladybossblogger.com

There are things you need to avoid as an influencer because what works for one influencer may not work for another. 

Many individuals within the industry fail to recognize this, as well as what are helpful practices versus what is going to negatively affect their brand. Because of these uncertainties, many influencers tend to make similar mistakes early on in their careers.

It is important to be aware of these mistakes, even if you have not yet made them, because you may run into them one day. It’s better to be preemptive than reactive. 

1. Buying followers

This is one of the biggest things you should avoid as an influencer. Some influencers (e.g. Arielle Charnas) have been known to not only buy followers but also likes and comments.

Yes, follower count is important to scoring sponsorships, but “using fake numbers only tarnishes your reputation and that of the industry” writes Shane Barker.

2. Forgetting to disclose sponsorships

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), it is required of influencers to disclose their brand partnerships and sponsored posts. Without letting your audience know of your paid posts, you lose your credibility.

If you don’t truly believe in the product you are endorsing, then your audience will reciprocate by not trusting your brand. 

3. Agreeing to every offer that comes your way

When first starting out, influencers have a tendency to say yes to any brands that approach them. This can be because they have not yet nailed down their brand identity. This is another common mistake.

You must know your niche and stick to it before even beginning to accept partnerships, let alone becoming an influencer in general. Without knowing your own brand, you won’t know what your followers will want to see, and ultimately, your efforts will be for naught.

Remember, before you agree to every offer, “It’s important to question whether the brand and the content a brand is suggesting will fit well with your audience”, says Barker.

4. Not knowing your value

Not knowing your true market value (minus ego or insecurity) is a mistake even successful influencers continue to make.

If you don’t know your value proposition both positive or negative then you’ll have less of a chance of being successful. Don’t be either a primadonna or a shrinking violet. It’s only business, not showbiz. -Chris Abraham Click To Tweet

5. Focusing on quantity over quality

If you are lucky enough to have an incredibly large following already without having to purchase your followers, you must then worry about the level of engagement with your audience. Do not get hooked on continuing to grow your audience.

You need to let your current followers know you’re listening to them, and that you care about their interests and what they post. Focus on engagement numbers and less on likes.

Now that you are aware of these mistakes, you can actively avoid them as an influencer. When you’re informed, you succeed!

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5 things to avoid doing as an influencer LadyBossBlogger.com

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