How To Motivate Yourself After Receiving A Negative Comment 

receiving negative comment

It’s not only celebrities that end up receiving a negative comment from trolls, but businesses and even regular people too.

If you don’t know how to deal with negative comments after you have received them, then we have the best tips for you to get over the hate and spread some positivity. 

1. Get some perspective 

In many cases, negative comments are the result of internet trolls looking to do anything to bring down other people to make themselves feel better.

However, there are instances when someone comments negatively about you or your business on your profile.

Sure, that customer could have messaged you privately, but sometimes they comment openly on your profile to make sure they are seen. They want to be heard. 

And it is not always that they are personally trying to attack you, they might be simply making you aware of an issue so that it doesn’t happen to someone else.

Therefore, don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to receiving a negative comment.

Look at the situation from a different perspective and you will likely feel better about yourself and have a better understanding of where the commenter is coming from. 

2. Post something inspirational

Trying to bounce back after the haters start to comment on your posts?

Why not post something inspirational!

Searching Pinterest for the perfect positive affirmation to counteract the pessimistic views some people may have can lighten your mood!

Inspiring quotes will give you some of the inner strength and optimism you and your employees need.

Looking for sources of encouragement in today’s social media climate can be quite difficult, but sometimes there are inspiring sayings that remind us to stay optimistic.

Who knows, if you post something inspiring on your feed it might also boost your audience’s mood, and they’ll let you know!

3. Motivate others

I’m sure a lot of us have heard that bringing others down will only bring you down further.

What if the opposite were true—could bringing others up bring you up? Try it out!

Instead of “getting back at” commenters who only say negative things about your account, go to your audiences’ pages and support them.

After all, empowerment is empowering!

Don’t know what to do?

Comment something genuine and uplifting on someone’s photo or profile. It not only helps the person, but it will also improve your own mood. They might even go on to spread the positivity with another user. 

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of how to deal with negative comments. If you have any tips, let us know! It is always good to learn and spread joy!

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receiving negative comments

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