How To Successfully Move Your Career Abroad

Recruitment specialists know a fair bit about happiness and success at work, this puts them in a great position to advise people on how to successfully move their careers to another country, in this post they have shared their top 4 best-kept secrets on this subject, so let’s dive in!

How To Successfully Move Your Career Abroad

1. Secure a position before you move.

Firstly, professionals in the recruitment field recommend that you secure a job before going overseas. It’s not that you can’t get work if you arrive in the country first, but for any career based position that will be medium to long term you will need the correct VISA.

Of course, to get this, you need to be able to apply from your home country and have employer backing, as well as deal with all the tricky paperwork involved. Therefore it’s much easier to do this from your native land before you go.

However if you’re starting your own business overseas there is a whole other set of rules and regulations, so make sure you’re aware of what they are depending on what country you’re moving to.

2. Don’t ignore the correct insurances.

Next, career professionals always remind those traveling overseas to work that they need to ensure they have the correct insurances before they depart. In fact, this applies not just to those working in the private sector but also civilians that are working for the government in bases abroad.

Although, it is worth noting that if you do find yourself in the latter situation, and you are denied compensation for an injury you can employ a Defense Base Act representation lawyer to fight your case. Something that can provide peace of mind for anyone that is struggling to decide whether to take an overseas military post as the next step in their career.  

For the entrepreneurs, make sure to find out what the best insurance is for you and your employees.

3. Rent temporary accommodation initially.

Next, recruitment professionals suggest that rather than investing in a 6-month lease when you move abroad to work, it’s much better to rent something for the short term.

In fact, if you can get something that is close to your new works premises so it makes the commute more manageable and can help you to settle in. Then when you have found your feet, you can look for something more suitable for the long term.

A great place to work if you have your own business is a coffee shop that has free wifi or you can also turn your home into your office.

4. Don’t forget that integration is critical.

Lastly, a problem that many recruitment specialists have noted is that when people move abroad for their careers is they focus too much on work! Of course, work is essential but so is taking the time to socialize and bond with your colleges, after all, you won’t have the support network that you are used to at home.

In fact, folks that move overseas for work can easily become lonely and is isolated if they don’t make an effort to integrate with those around them, and into the new culture in which they find themselves.

For entrepreneurs, a great way to meet people is to join social groups or a co-working space and make an effort to attend networking events.

To that end, if you do decide to move your career overseas follow the advice of the experts and allow yourself a few nights off to hand out with colleges and make new friends. Your experience will be all the more successful for it.

How To Successfully Move Your Career Abroad