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Destinee Myers Creates Custom Jewelry That Compliments Individual’s Specific Features

Destinee Myers, also known as MISS LEGACY, is an Orlando Director and 1Pop Stop Model. She loves creating custom jewelry that compliments an individual’s specific features and unique fashion sense. What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I started making jewelry at the age of 11. At the age of 20, my …

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Ellen Eppie Gives Back With Her Boutique Featuring Gifts From Around The World

Ellen Eppie is the Founder and Chief Curator of Scooch A Mi Boutique. With her daughters grown and out on their own, Ellen knew she had more to give. After years of volunteer work and fundraising, Ellen decided to combine her experience in the non-profit word with her love of artisan jewelry, her joy of …

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Katherine Alexandra Brunacci Crafts One Of A Kind Jewels

Katherine Alexandra Brunacci Jewelery brings to you a selection of alluring one-of-a-kind jewels. Each piece is hand carved in wax, then cast in silver using the lost wax casting method. No molds are used, so all jewels are unique. Each piece carries with it a journey, an evocative treasure waiting to be discovered. All jewelery …

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Myra Skelton Runs A Spiritual Apparel Store With Inspirational Jewelry

Myra Skelton, founder of Myra Meilleure, has been in the corporate fashion scene for well over ten years. She recently decided to bring her corporate experience and contributions to a more appreciative audience, thus beginning her personal entrepreneurial journey. She loves sharing the latest news, fashion tips, trends, style guides, and happenings through her blog, Myra’s …

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Maristella Colombo Helps Fashionistas Start And Grow Their Businesses In Fashion

Maristella Colombo is a fashion business coach/consultant for, a fashion marketing platform that helps start or grow fashion product/service based businesses. She is also a jewelry designer for her brand Maiden-Art Jewelry, a personal shopper for and a professor for several fashion academies in Milan, Italy. Her mission is to help and support …

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Tiffany Alvin Keeps Your Wrists Bedazzled With Her Unique Jewelry Designs

Tiffany Alvin, 37, CEO and Founder of Divablingznthingz, lives in Savannah, Georgia. She has always loved being creative as a child and in 2014, she turned her creative talents into a business! She thought, “Who doesn’t love a unique piece of artwork, that’s original and made just for you?” That’s what she does, turn her clients’ …

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Kat Creasey Showcases Designers And Creatives Through Pop Up Events

Kat Creasey is a 26 year old Australian entrepreneur living on the sunny Gold Coast. A self confessed vintage hoarder with a passion for everything 50s & 60s from fashion, furniture to classic cars and vintage caravans. This passion has turned into many different businesses over the years including the successful events that she runs …

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Setareh Bateni Asks People One Thing They Bring To The World To Promote Unity

Setareh Bateni immigrated to Canada when she was 3 years old. Ever since she was 8 years old, she had wanted to pursue a life that promoted unity. After trying to figure out the best path to achieve that, she chose to study Philosophy and later obtained a Masters of Philosophy in Law. Her dream was to work as a Policy …

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April Lyons Handcrafts Custom Jewelry And Clothing With Swarovski Crystals

April Lyons was born with a gift to create. She has been drawing, crafting, designing and creating since she was a young child. Jewelry designing has always been her passion and love; now she’s able to share her passion and gift with the world by giving you, Michele Monét: An April Lyons Collection. Read our …

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Fontonette Smith Turned the Extra Time She Had During Her Pregnancy into Her Dream Business

Fontonette Smith is a serial entrepreneur and has businesses in fashion, beauty, health, wellness, business mentorship and women’s empowerment! Read our interview with the lovely Fontonette below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I was pregnant and unemployed when I started my first business. I always wanted to start my own boutique and dedicate it …

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