Alayna Kemery Helps Young Women Learn About Wellness

Alayna Kemery interview

Alayna Kemery teaches women in their 20s that wellness can be affordable and accessible for their lifestyles.

1. What topics do you post about?

I like to share a whole bunch of things on my Instagram that all revolve around wellness.

First, I like to post educational content about the wellness world in a way that is easy to understand like videos and infographics.

Second, I love to share about wellness products – new health food snacks, my all time favorite clean beauty must-haves, or the latest subscription service that helps me live my best life.

2. Which types of posts seem to get the most engagement for you?

I get the best engagement from posts that people want to save and share like carousel posts, reels, or in-feed videos.

I really feel like my carousels that provide a balance of inspiration (a really pretty photo or vibey video) and education (infographic, definition of a word, or debunking a myth) get my highest engagement because it’s almost like a mini blog post that my community can get value from in a short amount of time.

3. How do you combine your faith with your Instagram account?

My faith is such an integral part to my Instagram because it’s in my bio, and a lot of times it’s in my caption, too.

Spirituality is a pillar of wellness, even from a secular perspective, so sharing about my personal relationship with God fits right into living a holistic lifestyle.

4. What has been the most effective way to increase engagement?

I just love to start conversations!

I read comments on other people’s accounts and reply to those that resonate with me.

I like replying to and engaging with other people’s stories, too. If I’m constantly showing up in other people’s notifications in meaningful ways, they will find their way over to my page if they’re interested in what I have to share.

5. What has been your biggest challenge on Instagram?

My biggest challenge has been growing my account with active followers.

I used to have an app that would tell me who unfollowed me, and I would focus so much on that. It wasn’t good for my mental health at all, so I deleted it and stopped worrying about who unfollowed me.

I can’t chase down those people who unfollowed me because they obviously aren’t interested in what I have to say.

6. What specific steps did you take to overcome those challenges?

After deleting that app, I just focused on the people who always engage with my content and on finding ways to reach out to find my ideal followers.

Also, I stopped focusing so much on numbers, and focused on the engagement. I don’t like to call my followers my audience – we are a community, and I treat everyone as such.

7. How have you monetized your Instagram?

I currently monetize my Instagram through paid collaborations with brands that I reach out to.

Also, I apply to a lot of affiliate programs for brands that I like, and when I share their products in my posts, I give my community discount codes they can use to purchase through my affiliate links.

8. What is your best monetization advice to Instagram influencers?

Don’t be afraid to pitch to brands through email or apply to campaigns.

Rejection emails will come, but some brands will really see your value and want to work with you.

Also, create a media kit/portfolio that highlights your personal assets. It doesn’t always have to be your follower count. Sometimes it’s your engagement rate or content creation skills.

Know what you have to bring to the table, and capitalize on that.

9. What Instagram tool do you recommend and why?

Canva is an absolute must-have for creators. The free version is all you really need, and it’s so valuable for creating graphics, story posts, and any other type of visual content that you need to make.

10. List your social media links (and blog if you have one).


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