5 Tiktok Accounts to Get Book Recommendations

5 TikTok Accounts to get good book recommendations LadyBossBlogger

Tiktok is an awesome source for multiple forms of content. Whether you’re looking for funny videos, fashion advice, or even affirmations, the site has plenty to offer. Over quarantine, I have rediscovered my love of a good book. Here’s a list of Tiktok accounts to get recommendations from!

Cait Jacobs (@caitjacobs)

Cait certainly knows her stuff! As an avid reader herself, she has a large collection of books that she loves to share with her followers. She even created the Bookington Book Club which meets once a month to discuss on the read most recently voted on!

Cait also is incredibly helpful when it comes to navigating the book community itself. Certain videos focus on recounting controversies that have occurred.

Abby Parker (@abbysbooks)

Abby is a 21-year-old book enthusiast. She puts out hilarious POV (point of view) TikTok that any bookwork will love!

She’s a great source for a recommendation for those who love the infusion of good book recommendations and bookish humor!

Oftentimes, reading recommendations can feel too serious and heavy. Abby is a great source of fun and carefree reading from teens to adults!

Great Valley High School Library (@gvhslibrary)

Believe me, I know this next one seems strange. As much as I love reading High School libraries were never my favorite place.

People were not respectful of quiet time, which meant the librarians were often on edge. I remember being snapped at a few times, and it made the whole situation difficult.

But this account has shown a whole new side to librarians! The woman who runs the account, Mrs. B., has created an awesome community on Tiktok. She’s not only great for recommendations but school help as well.

Check her out today!

Hell Yeah Books (@hellyeahbooks)

Run by UK-based Faith, this account has made me laugh out loud multiple times. She’s a queen of memes and super great at connecting the book community.

She’s fearless in communicating what we have all felt from time to time! Faith offers books with certain specific tropes, like enemies to lovers or a found family.

Check her out for a good laugh and some great new books!

Kelly Gillan (@kellyygillann)

Last on our list is the lovely Kelly. While she has awesome book recommendations, she’s also helpful in other important ways.

It’s easy to fall in love with mainstream books, especially when you’re being told how much everyone else loves them. However, accounts like Kelly’s are really goo at cutting through the bull and pointing out issues in some of the world’s favorites.

She is unafraid to point out how certain books promote toxic relationships and are even offensive to people of color or those who have disabilities.

If you want to do some mindful reading, check her out!

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5 TikTok Accounts to get good book recommendations LadyBossBlogger

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