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5 Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you likely juggle many different roles during your working week. Some of those roles may involve activities you don’t particularly enjoy or feel confident about doing. As we flitter between what we love to do and what we need to do, we can end up wasting time procrastinating or demotivated. A key …

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How To Start A Successful Hair & Beauty Salon

With the hair and beauty market growing exponentially every day, it’s difficult for a small business to stand out from the crowd and compete. It’s not just the surge in salon competition either – business taxes, labor, and supply costs are increasing as well. For the small hair and beauty business entrepreneur, it’s not necessarily …

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Kristi Tackett-Newburg Runs Omaha’s #1 Counseling Service

Kristi Tackett-Newburg is the CEO/President of Counseling Connections & Associates, a group mental health practice located in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to her role as a practice owner/manager, Kristi works as a licensed mental health practitioner and is a blogger for PsychCentral. Kristi is in the final year of her doctorate program, pursuing a Ph.D. …

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Maria Von Losch’s Popular Style Tips Made Her An Instagram Celebrity

Maria Von Losch’s first love was drawing, then creative writing. When she was a little girl, she styled her own lookbooks from Fashion Plates and still have them today packed away in a box. She never would have thought it would lead her to opening her own store at age 22, moving onto lifestyle PR, branding and creative content …

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Joyce Marter Provides Accessible And Affordable Insurance-Friendly Counseling

Joyce Marter, LCPC, is Founder & CEO of Urban Balance, an insurance-friendly counseling practice with more than 80 therapists working from seven locations in Chicagoland and one in St. Louis. She is a Past-President of the Illinois Mental Health Counseling Association and President of the Illinois Counseling Association. Joyce is a blogger for The Huffington …

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Jessica Zimmerman Creates One Of A Kind Designs For Weddings, Events And Home Decor

Jessica Zimmerman is the owner of The Style Project, a personal styling company that offers a range of services for weddings, events and your home. She strives to make each project a custom fit to your own unique style and personality. She is passionate about creating a memorable and personable experience for her clients to …

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Merci McKinley Is An Author That Helps Individuals Break The Mental Chains Placed Upon Them By Circumstances

Merci McKinley is a native of Prince George’s County, Maryland and a Veteran of the United States Army. She is an emerging Life Coach and Founder of Still Standing Lyrical Intervention LLC. She served her country for 14 years before being medically retired. Merci came back with a vengeance after embarking upon the journey to …

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Donata Kalnenaite Helps People Protect Their Businesses Legally Through Customized Contracts And Monthly Consultations

Donata Kalnenaite is a business attorney and the owner of, a monthly subscription service that helps protect startups and small businesses with custom contracts and consultations. She loves to educate her clients and the public on the plain language meaning of contracts and is a big fan of keeping things simple yet safe. She …

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Tschanna Taylor Empowers Women To Overcome Low Self-Esteem, Worry And Stress

Tschanna Taylor’s testimony of faith and her ability to share her story unashamed and with boldness is truly what causes her to connect with others on multiple levels. She is a woman after God’s own heart and lives her life learning and growing daily. She founded #IAMIMPORTANT™, where she equips women embodying a positive change on …

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Bria Smith Helps Build Businesses From The Inside Out By Assisting With The Development Of Internal Structures And Much More

Bria Smith is the co-founder of Thinknue, a video and development studio. Thinknue’s boutique style business model and approach has been a key factor in the company’s success. They believe in getting to know each client to make sure each project is the right fit for their brand as well as potential client’s needs. Both …

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