How To Set Up A Productive Home Working Environment

How To Set Up A Productive Home Working Environment

Working from home is hard.

It can be hard to stay motivated, hard to stay on tasks, and harder still to have healthy routines.

We tend to shut down when we are stationary.

It’s a hibernation state and breaking out of it when you are in constant lounge-mode can be difficult.

How To Set Up A Productive Home Working Environment

When working from home, you need to adjust how you spend your day so that you can be productive when you need to and maintain that energy throughout your personal goals or routines, like exercise or working on a hobby.

1. Set Up A Clear Working Space

Having a home office would be ideal, but not everyone is so lucky to have space for one. Regardless of whether you have space for a home office it is a good idea to set up an area to work in at home. This could be your kitchen table, or it could be a pop-up office in your living room. Try to work there and not face any distractions like the TV or your phone. When you are done clear it away so that you can have your “home” back.

2. Improve Your Bedroom

To be productive you need to have energy, and though a healthy diet and exercise are also key in achieving this nothing will beat a good night’s rest. When we work from home and spend most of our time in the same place, it can make us lax with our sleeping routines.

You need to do two things to improve your energy levels. One, you need to improve your bed. Two, you need to improve the sleeping environment. For your bed, you might just need a new mattress. When shopping for a new mattress, however, you need to understand the size of your mattress, especially if you are fitting it into a bed frame you already own or looking to buy.

Keep your room tidy, invest in blackout blinds so you get an uninterrupted night’s sleep, and even consider aromatherapy to send you off to La La Land faster.

3. Improve The Natural Light

To be productive you need light. The natural light of day is always far preferable, but if your home is naturally dark or doesn’t get direct sun you are going to need to come up with some nifty alternatives. You can use mirrors to bounce light into your home or invest in a light therapy solution instead.

4. Improve The Air Quality

When possible open the window for a little while every day just to circulate the air in the house. Investing and growing air-purifying plants can also do wonders towards improving the air quality and your productivity. Clean air is best for clear thinking, so try to keep it fresh however you can.

How To Set Up A Productive Home Working Environment