5 Ways To Network As A Micro-Influencer

5 Ways To Network As A Micro-Influencer ladybossblogger.com

Influencer networking is an important part of being a creator. Whether you’re just starting out as an influencer or are hoping to increase your following, networking is a great place to begin.

We all know the importance of networking in just about any job; influencer networking is no different. Having a network of other small influencers and brands is essential to making money as a micro-influencer.

Not only will influencer networking increase your visibility and following, but it will also increase your credibility.

The more influencers you’re seen interacting with, the more brands you promote, the more opportunities you’ll have to reach people. 

Here are five ways to network as a micro-influencer.

1. Interact with similar influencers on social media

Whether you’re an influencer on Instagram, Youtube, or another site, you should be following other creators in your niche or similar niches. Just reaching out to people can work wonders. 

Try sending simple messages complimenting others on their content, and try to strike up friendships. Don’t beg for a follow, but ask to collaborate or share tips. 

Ask how those influencers got their brand deals and which brands they like best.

You will no doubt be introduced to more influencers and brands through other creators, just by interacting with them on social media.

2. Follow brands on social media

A great way to increase your chances of receiving brand deals and help your own influencer networking is to follow the brands you love on social media. 

Show that you have an interest in them, comment on their posts, send a nice message, and even flat-out ask to promote their products.

Even if you follow your favorite brands but don’t get to promote them, similar companies may notice that you have an interest in their type of business, and they may reach out. 

3. Use networking sites

There are now tons of websites dedicated to connecting brands with influencers that can promote their products with relevancy.

A few of the more popular ones include Upfluence, Mavcrk, Traackr, Famebit, and Webfluential

Basic influencer marketing platforms like Traackr have databases of hundreds or thousands of influencers. Brands can search through the databases to find the best influencers to promote their products. 

Sites like Upfluence offer much narrower searches and focus on building relationships with brands. Influencers can register with Upfluence’s database and enter information that brands may want to know.

Companies can then filter searches with over 50 criteria, and negotiate contracts and payment directly through the site.

Famebit acts as more of a job site and doesn’t have a sign-up fee. It allows brands to post sponsorship opportunities so influencers can search and apply for sponsorships they’re interested in. 

Other sites have agents that do deeper research to find and connect the right brand with the right influencer. 

4. Join Facebook groups for influencers

There’s a Facebook group for just about everything out there, even for different types of creators! This is a great way to do influencer networking join the Facebook group for bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs here.

Some act as support groups where members can connect with other influencers/bloggers, ask questions, and help each other grow.

Other groups also accept brands looking to connect with the influencers of a certain niche. On Facebook, try searching the name of your niche with the word “group.” For example, “beauty influencer group” or “travel blog group.”

There are even groups for bloggers in certain areas. Try searching the name of your city with the word “bloggers.”

You may find that even second-tier cities have people that started groups for local bloggers to connect

Through these groups, many people actually get a chance to build friendships with other bloggers and influencers, meet up at events, and even organize events of their own.

5. Attend influencer events

There are several types of events you should attend for influencer networking. Events within your niche include conferences, parties by other creators, and brand parties for influencers/bloggers.

For example, if you are a woman entrepreneur or create content related to being a woman in business, you should attend the annual Girlboss rally.

If you’re a beauty influencer, attend makeup launch parties or one of the BeautyCon festivals.

Both of these events are fantastic opportunities for influencer networking.

Many brands host parties for influencers/bloggers as a sort of marketing tactic.

Some events are invite-only but if you hear about an event from another influencer, try emailing the company’s PR person to ask if you can attend.

And then there are influencer marketing events, which are growing in popularity every year.

Some mainly focus on teaching businesses about content and social media marketing, while others focus more on connecting brands and creators. Just search for influencer marketing events in your area.

When you attend any of these events, be sure to talk to as many people as possible. You never know just how many cool people you’ll meet and what opportunities they could provide in the future.

Influencer networking is a major part of being a creator online, and it is actually super easy. All it takes is the willingness to reach out to as many people as you can, and take the time to build relationships.

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5 Ways To Network As A Micro-Influencer LadyBossBlogger.com

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