200 Inspiring Female Influencers Of 2020

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We can probably all agree that 2020 did not go as planned.

So to reflect on the positive times, we created a list highlighting some of the most inspiring female influencers this year. They’ve all done things worth celebrating!

The following list contains influencers from a range of 14 categories which include:

  1. Fashion
  2. Business/Entrepreneurship
  3. Self-improvement/Self-care
  4. Fitness
  5. Travel
  6. Beauty
  7. Photography
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Dating/Relationships
  10. Environment/Sustainability
  11. Parenting
  12. Food
  13. Education
  14. Pets

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Without further ado, let’s get to introducing.


1. Danielle Bernstein-@weworewhat

Danielle’s page is full of images of her posing in various outfits and places, but the one thing they all have in common is how stunning she looks. She is the creator of her own clothing collection as well as the founder of WeWoreWhat.

2. Gabi Greg-@gabifresh

Although the main focus of Gabi’s Instagram page is fashion, she also touches on travel, design, and mental health. You can find her wonderful collections on Swimsuits For All and Playful Promises.

3. Jenn Im-@imjennim

Jenn is a Korean American fashion vlogger and fashion designer. She is best known for her YouTube channel, which has over 2.78 million subscribers.

4. Gala Gonzalez-@galagonzalez

Gala is a Spanish model and fashion designer who is considered the first Spanish fashion blogger. She founded her own brand, Amlul, which highlights pieces that are applicable for any season.

5. Marielle Elizabeth-@marielle.elizabeth

While Marielle focuses on “slow fashion for fat bodies,” she is more than just a fashion influencer. She also runs a social media management firm and a photography business that strives to be inclusive and illustrate diverse bodies.

6. Imani Randolph-@champagnemani

Imani acts as a stylist, model, freelancer as the Communications Assistant for the brand Ganni. She sees the camera as an opportunity to understand all parts of herself better.

7. Carmen Jenny-@carmitive

Carmen is a sustainability enthusiast and digital editor for Harpers Bazaar Germany. She alternates between posts of her in magical outfits and educational ones that promote making sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

8. Ada Oguntodu-@ada_oguntodu

If you’re looking for an influencer who is not afraid to be apologetically themselves when it comes to style, Ada is the one for you. While she is a firm believer in repeating outfits, she somehow still manages to make no two outfits or posts look the same.

9. Lucy Williams-@lucywilliams02

While Lucy dabbles in many areas, she is well-known for her fashion sense. Hailing from London, she has learned how to find her perfect personal style throughout the adventure that is life.

10. Leomie Anderson-@leomieanderson

You might have heard Leomie’s name before since she has modeled for Victoria Secret and became a VS angel in 2019. However, she also designed and founded her own sportswear brand called Lapp.

11. Masha-@mashabeauty1

While Masha does not have millions of followers like the others mentioned so far in this list, she is still quite the micro fashion influencer.

Her feed has a realistic and cozy charm to it that works to amplify her outfits in a subtle nature. It makes it hard to look away!

12. Margaret Zhang-@margaret_zhang

Margaret is a fashion powerhouse from Australia. She created a fashion blog at the young age of 16 and has worked with name brands including Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and even Lexus.

Over the years, her influence and ambition have only skyrocketed, and she has since ventured into photography, writing, and consulting.

13. Sakshi Sindwani-@stylemeupwithsakshi

Sakshi is a fashion and beauty YouTuber from India who posts makeup tutorials, fashion DIYs, and lookbooks. Since she started her channel in 2015, she has built a following of over 76.2k.

You can also find her over on Instagram where she posts photos of her fashionable looks.

14. Kate Ogata-@kateogata

Kate is a fashion figure from San Francisco. While she posts on Instagram and blogs on the side, she is actually a content editor for a fashion startup.

You can also find her on The Fancy Pants Report where she updates her followers on her favorite items and her Instagram outfits.

15. Tabitha Warley-@takeheartuk

Tabitha is from the United Kingdom and posts “fashion and lifestyle content with plenty of heart.” In her captions, she talks about her journey with fashion and shares tips on what she has learned.

With 12.2k followers on Instagram, her account is definitely a hidden gem.

16. Loey Lane-@loeybug

Loey is a YouTuber who also has a large following on her Instagram account. While her YouTube focus has shifted into horror-related videos, you can still find many of her fashion and body-positive ones sprinkled throughout.

She is also the founder of a body-positive self-care line called Love AnyBody.

17. Wendy- @withwendy

Wendy is a DIY YouTuber who teaches her subscribers how to sew. With over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 132k followers on Instagram, Wendy seems to be the one-stop-shop for all your sewing and fashion needs.


18. Melinda Emerson-@SmallBizLady

Straight out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Melinda is a small business expert. She has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and provides advice for small businesses to over 3 million people online each week.

You can find her at her website or over on Twitter where she hosts the longest-running live chat for small business owners known as #Smallbizchat.

19. Jenna Kutcher-@jennakutcher

As Jenna describes herself, she is “a small-town Minnesota mama obsessed with all things marketing who turned a $300 Craigslist camera into a seven-figure empire.” Now, she happily shares her tips and advice to those willing to listen.

After seeing how flawless and beautiful her website is, we can understand why she is such a force to be reckoned with on Instagram.

20. Amber Lilyestrom-@amberlilyestrom

Amber doesn’t mess around when it comes to all things business and branding. She worked as a collegiate athletics marketer until she decided it was time to start her own business.

Now, Amber is a branding strategist and business coach. Besides her website, she also has a podcast and is the creator of the Ignite Your Soul Summit. Most importantly, she works to empower women to see themselves as experts and thought leaders who make a difference.

21. Kim Garst-@kimgarst

Kim is a well-known leader in the social media space and was named one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers by Forbes. Through her social media and website, she helps people grow their business and develop successful marketing strategies.

If you don’t check her out on Twitter, you can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She’s quite the triple threat.

22. Pam Moore-@PamMktgNut

Pam is the CEO of Marketing NutZ, which is a marketing branding agency that provides social media training and consulting. Like Kim, she is also ranked by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers.

After leading corporate marketing teams for leading brands for over a decade, she decided to establish a more affordable agency to help all businesses.

23. Elise Darma-@elisedarma

Elise is all about helping her clients build successful brands on Instagram that sell. On her website, she offers three services to help your Instagram followers become customers, including a 60-minute one-on-one call with her, a growth package, and a boot camp.

However, if YouTube is more your speed, she also has a whole channel dedicated to sharing her tips and strategies.

24. Natalie Franke-@nataliefranke

Natalie is “a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and community builder on a mission to empower small business owners to rise together doing what they love.” As the co-founder of Rising Tide and the Head of Community at HoneyBook, she pushes for a “community over competition” mindset.

She believes that together is better and if you want to join her on her journey, Natalie can be found on every social media platform under her name.

25. Stephanie Joanne-@stefjoanne

Stephanie is intense. She provides a straightforward approach to help others discover their entrepreneurial spirit and establish their own business. Through her “Build Your Online Empire” program, she teaches how to learn, apply, and leverage the power of branding.

She’s not for the faint-hearted or weak-minded, but she will make your business work for you.

26. Stacy Tuschl-@stacytuschl

Stacy is a talented multitasker. She is an author, speaker, owner of multiple seven-figure businesses, and the creator of the Foot Traffic Formula. Through her formula, she helps small business owners get more customers and more profit and happiness.

27. Naomi Mdudu-@thelifestyleedit

Naomi is a business coach, a speaker, a new mama, and the founder of The Lifestyle Edit. Her business helps coaches and consultants “attract and convert clients with ease and flow through magnetic marketing and soulful sales.”

28. Ali Brown-@alibrown

Ali is the founder and CEO of the women’s empowerment company We Lead. She just recently launched The Trust, which is a premier network for $1M+ women entrepreneurs.

When Ali isn’t being a business coach for female leaders, she also hosts the podcast #Glambitionradio.

29. Cynthia Johnson-@cynthiaLIVE

Cynthia is a global entrepreneur, marketing professional, keynote speaker, and author. She is a co-founder of the marketing and PR firm Bell+Ivy.

30. Amy Jo Martin-@amyjomartin

Amy is the founder and CEO of Digital Royalty, one of the first social media agencies to be established. Besides that, she is also a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and podcast host. 

She recently launched her Renegade Brand Bootcamp, which is a training program created to help female founders and entrepreneurs reach their full potential in both business and life. 


31. Rachel Hollis-@msrachelhollis

With a whopping 1.8m followers on Instagram, Rachel seems to know what she’s doing. What started as a blog and a small media company has turned into The Hollis Company, which produces books, podcasts, movies, and even live events.

32. Natalia Valderrama-@nativalderrama

Natalia, or Nati, is a “self-love coach, astrologer, and multi-passionate human.” She is from Chile but grew up in an International Community. Nati strives to help people create a future that they can be proud of now and in the future.

33. Joanne Encarnacion-@gofitjo

Joanne tries to share the true moments of life with her followers and subscribers to help them develop a connection to their own. She is both a relationship and life coach to those daring to discover a path of self-acceptance. 

34. Gina Gomez & Kristy Fountain-@modern.enneagram

If you are interested in things related to your personality, these wonderful ladies are for you. Gina and Kristy are Enneagram coaches that want to assist you in becoming more aware, mindful, and compassionate to others, but most importantly, to yourself. 

35. Andi Gladstone-@doseofcalm

Andi posts photos on Instagram that are meant to soothe the soul and slow down our busy lifestyles. On her website, she has a shop, a blog, a travelogue, and even an extension for photography. 

36. Lili Hayim-@lisahayim

Lisa is a Registered Dietitian and founder of The Well Necessities, a nutrition practice. She helps people learn that self-worth is not tied to your food or exercise. Her goal is to “bring joy and lightness back into your life while giving you the tools to swim when the seas get rough.” 

37. Jeannette Ogden-@shutthekaleup

With her 353k Instagram followers, Jeannette talks about real-life topics and experiences to urge people to get more in tune with their bodies and make healthier choices to live a better lifestyle. 

38. Lorraine C. Ladish-@lorrainecladish

Lorraine proves that age is just a number, and it does not affect your success on the Internet. She built her bilingual publication, Viva Fifty Media, when she turned 50, to inspire women to enjoy midlife and beyond.

39. Brené Brown-@BreneBrown

Brené is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers and is a research professor at the University of Houston. She focuses on human nature and what it means to understand and accept our vulnerability.

Besides Twitter and her website, you can listen to her on her Unlocking Us Podcast.

40. Sara Kuburic-@millennial.therapist

Sara is an existential therapist, writer, and life-coach. She focuses on trauma and abuse, identity, relationships, life transitions, and anxiety. On her Instagram, she offers a perspective to get her followers curious about themselves and their relationships. 

She also owns a private practice and she co-founded a life coaching company that will be launching soon.

41. Alyssa Marie-@alyssamariewellness

Alyssa is a licensed psychotherapist and owner of Alyssa Marie Wellness. She provides trauma treatment for those who have experienced childhood abuse and gang and community violence. Alyssa believes that everyone is capable of experiencing balance, wellness, and happiness. 


42. Kayla Itsines-@kayla_itsines

Kayla is a personal trainer and co-creator of the Bikini Body Guides (BBG). If you’ve explored any of the fitness community on Instagram, you have likely come across her or an ad for her app Sweat. On her page, she posts workout videos, client progress pictures, and motivational sayings.  

43. Katie Sonier-@katiesonier

Katie is a personal trainer who worked hard to establish her own gym. She runs a program called Train With Katie #TWK, where she coaches a community of strong women.

Katie proves that lifting and lifting heavy doesn’t have to be feared but should be embraced to develop a healthier, stronger you. 

44. Lauren Drain-@laurendrainfit

Rather than letting her past experiences get her down, Lauren used them as motivation to go after whatever she desired. She is a registered nurse, best-selling author, personal trainer, and WBFF Bikini Pro.

Now, she holds challenges for her followers and posts daily updates and motivation. 

45. Rachel Brathen-@yoga_girl

Rachel is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, international yoga teacher, and the founder and CEO of Yoga Girl. The company focuses on providing a supportive way for individuals to heal both inside and out. 

46. Alexa Jean Hunt-@alexajeanfitness

As a mother of two, she designed a workout program that hits the important muscle groups while allowing clients to live busy lifestyles. She also created a fitness app called Bodebylex to share all her home fitness workouts. 

47. Tori DeSimone-@toristerling

Tori is a fitness and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube with over 480k subscribers. She is also the owner and instructor of Stride Spin & Fitness. You can also find her over on Instagram or her podcasts “manifest With Tori DeSimone” and “The Stride Effect.”

48. Grace Beverley-@gracebeverley

Grace is a young entrepreneur who has taken the business world by storm. She runs two highly-successful businesses, TALA, a sustainable clothing line, and Shreddy, a preference-based fitness app.

Grace was on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and has an upcoming book set to come out next year. 

49. Whitney Simmons-@whitneysimmons

Whitney is a fitness YouTuber as well as a Gymshark and Alani Nu athlete. She created a training app called Alive where she has programs and step-by-step guides for workouts. You’ll hardly come across her without her positive—“it’s a beautiful day to be alive”—attitude.

50. Lita Lewis-@followthelita

Lita is a motivational speaker and life coach who wants to change what fitness looks like in America and help people become the best version of themselves. She pushes for acceptance and wants people to build strong minds and bodies.

51. Noel Arevalo-@noelarevalo_

Noel is a health and fitness coach with 288k followers on Instagram and 63.4k on YouTube. On both pages, she posts a mix of workout videos, meals, and vlogs.

52. Demi Bagby-@demibagby

If you’ve seen videos on Instagram of someone flipping off walls or doing a row of back handsprings, it was probably Demi. However, her story probably isn’t what you would imagine as she suffered a severe back injury from a cheerleading incident only a few years ago.

During her recovery, she got into fitness, and now she has her own training app known as Demibagbyfit

53. Carlie Petraitis-@carliepetraitis

With her “Be Big” mentality, Carlie is a personal trainer who teaches women how to be comfortable in their bodies and to not be afraid to take up space. 

She offers multiple training programs as well as one-on-one coaching. Her Instagram posts are super realistic and show all the ups and downs that occur on the journey to a stronger you. 

54. Elise Young-@elisesbodyshop

Elise is a personal trainer with a workout app called Elise’s Bodyshop. On her Instagram, she posts additional workout videos and tips. She also now offers 50-minute virtual classes. 


55. Michelle Halpern-@livelikeitsthewknd

While Michelle previously worked a corporate job in fashion, she now spends her time as a travel blogger exploring the world. She has ventured to over 40 countries on 6 continents and created her motto of “live like it’s the weekend” to live a life full of wonderful experiences.

She documents all her travels on her blog as well as her Instagram

56. Lauren Bullen-@gypsea_lust

Lauren is a travel influencer from Australia who built a home with her boyfriend in Bali. Although she runs a blog, she primarily posts on Instagram and YouTube. She also has a video editing app called Tone Studio.

57. Kiki-@theblondeabroad

Although traveling came to a halt for most of the year, Kiki’s blog and her Instagram page leave a lot to be desired. She’s traveled to over 71 countries and now uses her blog to provide travel advice and destinations to over 1 million people. 

58. Keira Rumble-@krumble

Keira is a travel writer, certified nutrition and wellness advisor, and business owner. She travels around the world creating content for various brands while owning a food manufacturing business called Krumbled Foods.

Keira shows how to live a healthy life regardless of what journey life takes you on. 

59. Alexandra Pereira-@alexandrapereira

Alexandra started her brand Lovely Pepa as a way to share her passions with others. She dabbles in travel, fashion, and photography. Because of her great success, she became well-known in her country of Spain and is now a renowned digital influencer. 

60. Jess Wandering-@jess.wandering

Jess was once a lawyer, but she turned a layoff into an opportunity to find where she was truly meant to be. Wandering. She posts beautiful pictures of her exploring a wide variety of locations and landscapes.

On her blog, she offers advice and travel guides to help others looking for a change in their lives. 

61. Elise Sterck-@roundtheworldgirl

Although she’s a travel photographer and could fall under the photographer category, she is exactly who we picture when we think of a travel influencer. Some of the brands she has partnered with include Adobe, Facebook, Olympus, and many more. 

62. Nicola Easterby-@polkadotpassport

Nicola is the Australian travel blogger and photographer who runs Polkadot Passport. She has traveled to over 57 countries across five continents. Nicola shares bucket-list experiences, destination guides, photography tips, and all of her adventures. 

63. Laurie Ferraro-@laurie_ferraro

When Laurie travels, she likes to do so in style. On her website, she links her outfits from her Instagram photos for her followers to buy.

Laurie also focuses on sustainable tourism and how to be a responsible traveler because of the negative impacts it can have if not done consciously. 

64. Kendal Karstens-@wander.without.waste

On a similar environmentally conscious note, Kendal provides advice on how to wander without waste. Although she is considered a micro-influencer, the work she is doing has a large impact on our world.

She can also be found on her blog.

65. Chelsea Yamase-@chelseakauai

Chelsea is based out of Hawaii, although she has explored 53 countries and counting. She has worked with big companies like Canon USA and Adobe. Chelsea also has an upcycle swim collection with the brand Away That Day

66. Kamakshi Pal-@kamakshi.pal

Kamakshi is a solo traveler from India who was featured by National Geographic India, Lonely Planet. On her gorgeous pictures from her travels, she adds beautiful and meaningful captions to go along with them. 

67. Kirsten Alana-@kirstenalana

In her downtime, Kirsten is located in LA, but at heart, she is a “traveler that cares about equality and justice for people and planet.” She loves to work with brands that are socially conscious and environmentally responsible.

68. Gabby Beckford-@packslight

Gabby is a Generation Z travel and lifestyle entrepreneur behind Packs Light. She has visited 31 countries, given a TEDx talk, and been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Good Morning America Online, and CNNTravel. Gabby wants to empower young people to seek risk, seize the opportunity, and see the world! 


69. Ashley Quiroz-@ashghotcakess  

Ashley has a large following on her InstagramYouTube channel, and Twitter. She shares pictures of different makeup looks as well as videos of makeup tutorials, vlogs, and reviews.  

70. Dasia Janae-@dajjrambo 

Dasia is a creator and makeup artist that goes by @Dajjrambo on all social media platforms. Her content on each platform varies, but she primarily posts her hair and makeup looks and advice. 

71. Vanessa-@cutcreaser  

Vanessa does her makeup as a form of art and stress relief, which she wants to share with the world. On her YouTube, she posts makeup tutorials and advice. Her Instagram is dominated by pictures of her stunning eye makeup designs. 

72. Shayla Mitchell-@makeupshayla

With 2.7m followers on Instagram and 752k on YouTube, Shayla is no stranger to the beauty influencer world. She posts makeup tutorials, vlogs, and even some lifestyle content. Not to mention, she has also created collections with Colourpop. 

73. Vanessa Gyimah-@vanessa_gyimah

Vanessa is a professional makeup artist who has been featured in Buzzfeed, Essence Magazine, and displays in Ulta Beauty. On Instagram, she posts short videos of her makeup looks while on YouTube she posts full tutorials and reviews. 

74. Melissa Alatorre-@alatorreee

Melissa is also a pro makeup artist who posts YouTube makeup tutorials, recommendations, tips, and even skincare videos. Her feed on Instagram consists of her looks as well as images of her life. 

75. Patricia Fox-Miles-@therealpatriciafox

Patricia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. After beating the disease the following year, she left her career in banking and insurance to become an advocate for young adults fighting cancer and to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

She acts as a Lead ANGEL for Tigerlily Foundation, Sephora Squad Member of 2020, and a Baddie Ambassador with For the Breast of Us.

76. Alondra-@alondradessy

Alondra posts makeup videos and fun, trendy videos on YouTube but more fashion-oriented posts on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel with her friend Elsy where they currently have 922k subscribers. 

77. Christiana Gabriele-@christiana.gabriele

Christiana goes all-in on her makeup looks. She specializes in stunning full-face looks that are inspired by objects and concepts. Additionally, she lists out all the products she uses in the captions of her photos. 

78. Lena-@lenaaleew

Lena is a “self-taught makeup enthusiast” in Germany who creates beautiful designs on her eyelids. Her creations take the phrase makeup artist to a new level as she works with a small space and meticulous detail. 

79. Lesley Monroe-@lesleymarie1213

Lesley posts videos about makeup, fashion, hair, and even nails on her YouTube account. She also posts her fresh makeup looks on Instagram.

80. Huda Kattan-@hudabeauty

Huda launched her own beauty brand Huda Beauty in 2013 after being disappointed with the quality of lashes that she used as a makeup artist. It has grown since into the impressive company it is now, which she showcases on Instagram

81. Genelle Seldon-@genelleseldon

Genelle posts a variety of video types on her YouTube around beauty, makeup, and skincare. She also posts some vlogs and lifestyle videos as well. Meanwhile, her Instagram is home to her fashion and outfits. 

82. Alexa Johnson-@glowopedia

Alexa focuses on skincare and doing what is best for your skin to get that beautiful, natural glow. While she posts informative videos on Instagram, many of them originate on TikTok where she has over 200k followers. 


83. Pei Ketron-@pketron

Pei is a photographer, educator, speaker, and traveler based in San Francisco. She specializes in travel and commercial photography and has worked with many popular companies including Adobe, American Express, Apple, and Google. 

84. Annie Leibovitz-@annieleibovitz

Annie is a portrait photographer known for her shots of celebrities and important figures. While the saying is “a picture is worth a thousand words”, hers are worth even more. 

85. Natalie-@misshattan

Natalie left her job in investment banking to follow her calling for photography. Now, she shares her journeys and travels through New York and beyond with her followers most often in an aerial view. 

86. Tiffany Nguyen-@tiffpenguin

Tiffany is both a dentist and travel photographer who hopes her photos inspire others to explore the great outdoors on their own adventures. Her specialty is landscape photography, and she even teaches an online class to share all her tips and lessons learned.  

87. Lindsay Alder-@lindsayadler_photo

Lindsay is a beauty and fashion photography in New York City. She is also a director, educator, author, and life lover. She pays special attention to the lighting in her photos and offers online classes to help aspiring photographers. 

88. Lucy Rose-@lucylaucht

Lucy is a travel, fashion, and lifestyle photographer who travels back and forth between the United Kingdom and New York.

Her work puts emphasis on the story of the location or object she photographs, which makes the viewer feel a sense of longing for places they’ve never been to. 

89. Sarah Lyndsay-@sarahlyndsayphotography

Sarah is a landscape and portrait photographer based in British Columbia in the Canadian Rockies. She is well-known for her landscape photography because she works with long exposure.

Sarah also holds group and private workshops to help others learn how to use their tools to photograph beautifully. 

90. Isabella Tabacchi-@isabellandscapes

Isabella is a landscape photographer based in Italy who is driven by her desire to see new locations. She has won many international competitions and was recently awarded Photographer of the Year 2020 in the Moscow International Photo Awards. 

91. Lisa Weatherbee-@jungletimer

Lisa is a lifestyle photographer based in New York City. Her work captures the beautiful emotions and moments that exist in even the most mundane things.

92. Tina Albrecht-@bittadesign

Tina likes to photograph whatever she comes across as she moves through life. Her posts on Instagram display a range of work from landscapes to food to people. She does it all. 

93. Rachel Hau-@therachelhau

Rachel’s work pushes the limits with experimentation. She photographs objects that don’t catch attention on their own and draws new life into them. 

94. Asa Sjostrom-@asasjostromphotography

Asa is a freelance documentary photographer who works with stills and video. Her work surrounds “international understanding, human equal rights, and the situation of women and children around the world.” 

95. Paola Franqui-@monaris_

Paola specializes in visual storytelling with over five years of experience working with various brands such as Rayban, ESPN, Uber, and Sony. She strives to capture unique moments of time that pass quickly. 

96. Marta Bevacqua-@martabevacqua

Marta is an Italian photographer and director who currently resides in Paris. Her photography work primarily consists of portraits of beautiful people that make them seem ethereal. 

97. Cristina Mittermeier-@mitty

Cristina is a photographer and marine biologist who has been working as a writer, conservationist, and photographer for the past 25 years.

She founded the International League of Conservation Photographers and co-founded a non-profit called Sea Legacy. To top it all off, she has received multiple awards for her photography over the years. 

98. Maria Vazquez-@cestmaria

Maria believes in “finding beauty in the unexpected.” She began her website as a photography blog to share her hometown with friends worldwide. Now, Maria offers Creative Direction and Branding by producing visual narratives. 


99. Kiitana Akinniranye-@kiitana

Kiitan is an LA-based travel and lifestyle blogger who was born in Nigeria and raised in Atlanta. Her blog grew into a space for young women to connect with others and form a sense of community.

She is the founder of Atarah Avenue and has worked with brands like Olay and Calvin Klein. 

100. Mandy Ansari-@mandy

Mandy considers herself a virtual BFF to all her followers and uses her blog Girl & the as a way to help everyone who reads it find happiness in every moment of their lives regardless of what they are doing.

On Instagram, she shares images of her outings and experiences along with motivational posts. 

101. Janni Olsson Delér-@jannid

Between Instagram and YouTube, Janni has quite the following. She tends to post about traveling, fashion, and food. Many of her videos also feature her adorable son Leon. 

102. Sarah Hunt Hinson-@sosarahhunt

Sarah offers a little of everything. She shares her adventures in her state of Florida, travel guides, fashion inspiration, wellness tips, and beauty products. She also posts about motherhood as the loving mother of two beautiful children. 

103. Alexandria McMillion- @alexandriamcmillion

Alexandria focuses on fashion, home, food, travel, and organization. Her feed features some of her favorite products and goodies with some sponsored posts mixed in. The pictures are mostly pastel and light making her page bright and enjoyable to look at.

104. Amy Lee-@amy_lee

Amy refers to herself as a “trauma-informed student of life” with a mission to help make mental health spaces available to the communities that often lack access. She posts videos of her life musings and personal growth. 

105. Naomi Boyer-@naomiboyer

On her YouTube, Naomi shares parts of her daily life along with tips on fashion, beauty, and travel. On Instagram, she showcases her outfits and locations she visits.

Her love of fashion grew from her childhood, and now she just takes her followers along for the ride. 

106. Juli Bauer Roth-@paleomg

Juli is unapologetically herself both on her blog and social media. She posts about her passions and interests, which include eating and food, exercise, beauty, fashion, and just about anything else she enjoys in life. 

107. Caitlin Covington-@cmcoving

Caitlin posts travel, lifestyle, beauty and wellness, fashion, and now pregnancy-related content. Her profile offers a one-stop-shop for all interests.  

108. Yasmin-@beautyybird

Yasmin is a YouTuber, mom, and fitness fan. She posts videos focusing on beauty tutorials and products, fashion lookbooks and shopping hauls, and more about her personal life.

109. Sazan Hendrix-@sazan

Sazan is a YouTuber, podcaster, and mother. She has a large following on all her social media where she posts a whole variety of topics including fashion, beauty, relationships, travel, fitness, and more. 

110. Katy Roach-@livingmybeststyle

Katy keeps it real on both her Instagram and her blog. She shares daily updates, fashion advice, and even cooking recipes. She’s also a mom to both a human baby and fur babies. 

111. Olivia Rink-@oliviarink

Olivia features many parts of her life on her blog and socials to connect with others through her stories, decor, and tips. She wants to be “a positive role model for girls and young women everywhere.”  

113. Laura Noltemeyer-@laura_noltemeyer

Laura is a German entrepreneur who founded the clean beauty company Bayage Beauty and Influencing 101, a marketing and consulting agency. On her page, you can find images of her wearing beautiful outfits and accessories. 


114. Lysa TerKeurst-@lysaterkeurst

Lysa writes about her journey through faith, relationships, family, health, love, and healing. She loves to connect with others and offer them the support they may need. 

115. Esther Perel-@estherperelofficial

Esther is a psychotherapist, author, and podcast host who speaks about relationships and sexuality. 

116. Nedra Glover Tawwab-@nedratawwab

Nedra is a licensed therapist and relationship expert who has been in practice for 12 years. She teaches people how to set boundaries necessary to build healthy relationships with others.

117. Silvy Khouscasian-@silvykhoucasian

Silvy is a marriage and family therapist that offers therapy, life coaching, and online programs. 

118. Whitney Miller-@whitnlove

Whitney is a relationship coach who provides one-on-one and couples coaching, She also co-hosts a podcast.

119. Briana MacWilliam-@brianamacwilliam

Briana is an art therapist and an attachment coach. She pushes for growth and empowerment in relationships and shares inspiration and information about attachment styles and relationships on Instagram and YouTube.

120. Dr. Diane-@backtolovedoc

She focuses on helping people get back to love and find their happy endings in healthy, long-lasting relationships. 

121. Jennifer Dagi-@JenniferDagi

Jennifer is a relationship coach who helps couples build healthy and happy relationships. She educates couples on communication and intimacy as she believes they are key elements for successful relationships. 

122. Sarah Merrill-@bigkidproblems

Sarah is the founder of BigKidProblems, a blog she created to offer advice as she went through the big bad thing we call life. She shares what she has learned about dating, love, working, and being an adult. 

123. Rachel Russo-@RachelTRusso

Rachel is a dating and relationship coach, marriage and family therapist, author, speaker, and founder of Rachel Russo Relationships. She provides advice and aids clients in doing the work to establish a lasting relationship. 

124. Kait Warman-@kaitness

Kait is an author, relationship coach, speaker, online educator, and founder of Heart of Dating. She strives to help individuals through their pursuit of love with her podcast, one-on-one relationship coaching, and online courses.

125. Rebecca J. Brock-@heartcentereddating

Rebecca is a relationship and dating coach as well as a vlogger. She believes everyone deserves to experience love in their life. 

126. Evin Rose-@evinrose

Evin is a dating and love life coach and creator of an online course Love From Within. She strives to help single women “get in the driver’s seat of their love lives, so they can create deeply fulfilling, conscious relationships.  


127. Kate Nelson-@plasticfreemermaid

Kate has been living disposable plastic-free for ten years and wrote a book called I Quit Plastics about her learning experience and transition into a plastic-free lifestyle. Now, she teaches others how to be more conscious of their consumption.  

128. Diandra Marizet-@diandramarizet

Diandra is a conscious curator, brand strategist, and writer who helped co-found the Intersectional Environmentalist where she leads business development and operations. She focuses on sustainability in fashion, social impact, and culture. 

129. Gina Danza-@WildGinaa

Gina is a fine art photographer capturing the wonders of nature along the way. She works hard to expand the diversity in outdoor activities and representation in outdoor companies’ marketing campaigns. 

130. Jenny-@wearilive

Now based in NYC, Jenny is interested in lower impact fashion and plant-based living. On her YouTube channel, she shares videos of vlogs, self-reflection, and about what she eats in a day. 

131. Christie-@sedonachristina

Christie is a YouTuber who promotes intentional living through veganism, slow fashion, and zero waste. In her videos and Instagram posts, she shares what she has learned along the way and shows that it is a continuous, imperfect journey.

132. Leah Thomas-@greengirlleah

Leah is an activist, eco-communicator, and founder of the Intersectional Environmentalist. She also helps brands include intersectional environmentalism and social justice into their mission statements and planning.

133. Jazmine Rogers-@thatcurlytop

Jazmine posts about sustainable fashion and regular lifestyle updates. She shares her experience of learning how to live a low-impact lifestyle so that others might be inspired to do so as well. 

134. Aditi Mayer-@aditimayer

Aditi is the founder of the blog ADIMAY. While focused on sustainable fashion and conscious living, her blog explores the connections between style, sustainability, and social justice.

135. Arti Jalan-@forageandsustain

Arti created the online publication Forage & Sustain with the intention to change how people live through sustainable practices and slow living. It offers resources to educate and inspire readers to become conscious consumers. 

136. Sab-@sustainablesabs

Sab is another co-founder of the Intersectional Environmentalist along with Diandra. She advocates for a low impact lifestyle, social activism, conscious consumption, and health and wellness. 

137. Shelbi-@shelbizleee

Shelbi is a sustainability vlogger that posts about her zero waste and eco-minimalism lifestyle. On YouTube, she posts a variety of videos including anti-hauls, zero waste swaps, and much more. 

138. Kathryn Kellogg-@going.zero.waste

Likely one of the more well-known environmental influencers, Kathryn started her blog to help others improve not only their personal health but also the planet’s. She shares her journey of a zero waste lifestyle and offers resources for those wanting to learn more. 

139. Manuela Barón-@thegirlgonegreen

Manuela focuses on sustainability and highlights the environmental issues the world is currently experiencing. She created her blog The Girl Gone Green to share her zero-waste journey and to raise awareness.

140. Céline-@lesswaste_birdie

Céline is an environmental and social justice advocate who lives a sustainable lifestyle. She provides her followers with tips on zero waste and being plastic-free.

141. Natalie Kay-@sustainablychic

While working in fashion, Natalie decided she didn’t want to continue unless she was making a change in the way things were handled. Thus, her blog Sustainably Chic was born as a creative space to talk about responsible fashion, green beauty, and an eco-lifestyle.


142. Ashley Rose-@sugarandcloth

Ashley founded Sugar & Cloth as a way to share tips and steps for DIY decor and parties. Now, she also has two kids that are featured along on her journey. 

143. Amber Faust-@faustisland

Amber is a photographer, blogger, and mother to three children living her life in South Carolina. She posts daily updates on social media about what she and her family are doing and shares those experiences on her blog

144. Shahidah & Aliyah-@bossmomnation

Shahidah and Aliyah are co-founders of their brand BossMomNation, which they created as a motherhood community. They share important reminders and support for fellow moms. 

145. Latham Thomas-@glowmaven

Latham is a doula, maternal wellness maven, and author who guides women to “mother themselves first.” She is the founder of Mama Glow, which focuses on health and education for all women along the journey of childbearing. 

146. Jennifer Anderson-@kids.eat.in.color

Jennifer is a registered dietitian and mom of two boys. After having her first child, she realized how much of a challenge it can be to feed a child and has since put her attention on helping others teach their kids to eat vegetables and other foods without a challenge. 

147. Naomi Davis-@taza

Based in NYC, Naomi is the mother of 5 children. She posts about their adventures as a family, motherhood, and all of the moments life brings them. 

148. Billie Shepard-@billiefaiersofficial

With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram alone, Billie is a well-known mom influencer. She is the mother to two children and stars on the reality show The Mummy Diaries. 

149. Rochelle Humes-@rochellehumes

Rochelle is a mom, TV host, and children’s author. She is also the founder of the company My Little Coco, which sells skin and hair care products. 

150. Ayla Langford- @aylasophia

Ayla was a preschool teacher who is now the mother of an adorable little girl. She was honest and open in YouTube videos about her struggles with infertility and the journey she went on and now tells about her transition into motherhood. 

151. Ainsley Gray-@ainsleygray_

Ainsley is the mother of two and the founder of Mama Meet and Market. She holds parenting events in the UK that bring together parents and small businesses. She enjoys helping other parents understand they are not alone in their challenges of parenthood.

152. Louise Pentland-@louisepentland

Louise is ranked as the UK’s #1 parenting vlogger. She is also an author, podcast host, and public speaker who highlights and discusses motherhood and passionate living. 

153. Liesel Teen-@mommy.labornurse

Liesel has been a registered nurse for nearly five years and focused on labor and delivery for over four years. Besides her expertise from her work, she is also a mother. Liesel created her blog and profile to share what she knew with other expecting mothers. 

154. Angela J. Kim-@mommydiary

Angela is a mother of four who created Mommy Diary. She shares her experiences through motherhood with the hopes that others will find solace in knowing they are not alone. 

155. Melissa-@selfmademama_

Melissa is a coach for busy moms to help them build successful businesses. She is also the mom to two boys and knows the struggles of making time around kids. 

156. Kristin & Deena-@biglittlefeelings

Kristin is a mom of two and Deena is a child therapist, parent coach, and mom to a newborn. Together they provide tips and an online course for parents of toddlers.

157. Andrea-@raisingdragons4

Andrea is the mother of four boys sharing the creative activities, crafts, and toys her boys enjoy for other parents to try with their kids. 


158. Gaby-@whatsgabycookin

Gaby created her blog What’s Gaby Cooking after graduating college to show off what she was learning in culinary school. After working as a private chef for a while, she made the move to work on her brand full time. 

159. Michaela Vais-@elavegan

Michaels, or Ela, is the food stylist, recipe creator, photographer, and author of her blog ElaVegan. She creates and shares healthy vegan dishes, which are often also refined sugar-free and gluten-free.

160. Anna Lindberg-@memysmoothiesandlife

Anna’s page is a sight to behold. She posts beautiful images of smoothies in every color, size, and shape with the recipe and directions in her captions. We never knew something healthy could look so delicious. 

161. Ida Skivenes-@idafrosk

Ida creates impressive food art on Instagram. Her account satisfies the internal child in all of us who used to want to play with food but got in trouble for it. Ida also proves that food can be creative and nutritious.

162. Sarah Phillips-@uglyproduceisbeautiful

Sarah, a food expert and entrepreneur, started her Ugly Produce is Beautiful Educational Campaign back in 2016 as a way to increase awareness and cause a change in food waste and pollution within the food industry.

163. Fiona Lee-@fionaeats365

Fiona posts pictures of her scrumptious-looking meals that are either homemade, from a restaurant, or a sponsored ad. However, her page is definitely not for the hungry scroller because you’ll want to try it all. 

164. Nicole Cogan-@nobread

Nicole is a tv host and founder of Nobread.com. She created it after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease as a way to provide gluten-free products, recipes, and travel guides to others who are also living a gluten-free lifestyle.  

165. Jo Yee-@candidsbyjo

Jo left her career in financial marketing strategy to become a freelance photographer for food, travel, and culture. Her blog has also transformed to feature more of the stories of her food adventures around the world.

166. Holly Erickson & Natalie Mortimer- @themodernproper

Holly and Natalie created The Modern Proper as a way to share their love of cooking and food. Through Instagram, they showcase their recipes and foods with mouth-watering pictures. 

167. Ana Zelić-@anasbakingchronicles

Ana is a self-taught baker and food photographer who also develops recipes. She loves to share her recipes for others to enjoy as well, and her posts truly appeal to the sweet tooth.

168. Shauntay Parrish-@theglamkitchen

Shauntay is a food blogger, author, and recipe developer who wants to share her passion for cooking and inspire other millennials to be more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Any type of meal or course you want to make, she has you covered. 

169. Mariam-@cookinwithmima

After teaching herself how to cook, Mariam started sharing her love for cooking and food with others. She makes simple recipes that are easy to follow so that others can enjoy the food and experience of making it.  

170. Andrea Hannemann-@earthyandy

Andrea provides insight into her family’s lifestyle where they focus on plant over processed. This includes meal plans, health tips, recipes, exercise, skin and hair tips, and more all based on a holistic approach to greater health. 

171. Alex Aldeborgh-@daisybeet

Alex is a registered dietitian who created her Instagram as a way to illustrate that healthy eating can be simple, affordable, and delicious.

Her goal is to help other women form healthy habits in eating and exercising by providing tips, advice, and recipes. 

172. Mandy Miller Simmonds- @simplyfoodbymandy

Mandy tries to post recipes of all varieties throughout the week to her followers and readers of her blog. She focuses on family-friendly meals that are not too complicated but still tasty and nourishing. 


173. Blair Imani-@blairimani

Blair is a historian, advocate and activist, author, and public speaker. On her Instagram, she holds two educational series called Learn O’Clock and Smarter in Seconds in which she discusses important topics in short video clips.

174. Megan DuVarney Forbes-@toocoolformiddleschool

Megan is a sixth and eighth-grade teacher who considers herself to be more of a role model rather than just an influencer who influences someone to buy a certain product. She wants to help expand her students’ and others’ minds on the social issues she is passionate about. 

175. Sarah Sainty-@teacherishappy

Sarah is an Australian primary teacher and YouTuber who advocates for early career teachers. She created her Instagram account as a way to connect and share resources and advice with other teachers. 

176. Kristin Yann-@schoolandthecity

Kristin is a math intervention teacher who enjoys teaching kids as well as other teachers all the advice she has learned. She offers digital products centered around learning and gives glimpses into her life as a teacher. 

177. Aja Barber-@ajabarber

Aja teaches about topics that are often overlooked, discredited, or purposefully forgotten. Her long captions provide insight into specific topics that is to-the-point and eye-opening. Each post requires you to listen and reflect.  

178. Kasey Bell-@ShakeUpLearning

Kasey is a blogger, teacher, speaker, author, and podcaster. She created Shake Up Learning as a place to provide other educators with the resources they need to successfully use technology within their classrooms. 

179. Melissa Taylor-@ImaginationSoup

Melissa is a teacher, freelance writer, and creator of Imagination Soup. All of her work demonstrates and furthers her passion for helping kids to love to read and write. 

180. Jessica Lahey-@teacherlahey

Jessica is an author, speaker, and podcast co-host. She used her experience as a middle and high school teacher to look into how the parenting and teaching of children can impact their attitudes and success. 

Her book provides advice on how to create an environment that helps children perform positively. 

181. Josie Ahlquist-@josieahlquist

Early in her career, Josie worked as a social media strategist for a college. When she earned her doctorate in Higher Education Leadership, she began fulfilling her mission “to promote purpose-driven digital leadership at campuses and organizations.” 

182. Monique Melton-@moemotivate

Monique is an anti-racism educator, published author, international speaker, host of a podcast, and founder of Shine Brighter Together. She focuses on topics related to anti-racism, personal growth, diversity, and relationships.

Monique also offers courses to engage in anti-racism work and to talk to children about race

183. Kira Banks-@drkirabanks

Kira is a psychologist, consultant, and educator of over 20 years helping individuals and groups understand themselves, the world, and systems of oppression around them.

She also runs the YouTube Channel and website for Raising Equity, which explores individuals’ stories about racism, sexism, and other social issues. 

184. Rachel Elizabeth Cargle-@rachel.cargle

Rachel is a public academic, philanthropic innovator, and social entrepreneur. She created The Great Unlearn as a community for those curious and willing to open their minds and let themselves unlearn what they know through the syllabi she creates.

She also established The Loveland Foundation to support communities of color, particularly Black women and girls.


185. Nala Cat-@nala_cat

Nala is a shelter cat that was adopted both by a loving family and an Instagram fanbase. With over 4.3 million followers, she is quite the internet cat-station (sensation) with her own premium cat food brand.

What once started as a page to share photos with friends has turned into an impressive following that raises awareness for the importance of adopting animals.

186. Esther-@estherthewonderpig

She truly is some pig. Esther was originally believed to be a micro pig until she decided she wanted to grow to be large and in charge.

Despite her parents’ surprise, she receives endless love from both her family and her followers. And hey, her size just means there’s more to love!

187. Juniper and Friends-@juniperfoxx

Foxes, snakes, and a possum, oh my! Snaggle-toothed Juniper was the star of the show until her mom started taking in more rescues. Not only are the posts fun and cute to look at, but the captions are often educational too.

While Juniper might not like having to share the attention, we don’t mind sharing our love with them all!

188. Smoothie The Cat-@smoothiethecat

As her Instagram bio suggests, Smoothie really is the “Queen of Fluff.” With a fluffy coat and beautiful eyes, it’s understandable that she has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

If you’re not a cat person, she might just turn you into one.

189. Suki Cat-@sukiicat

Suki is a Bengal cat who is just as stunning as the views from her adventures. Climbing mountains and tiptoeing on the edge of canoes are just a few of her favorite pastimes.

Until now, we didn’t know it was possible to be so jealous of a cat!

190. Jill The Squirrel-@this_girl_is_a_squirrel

It’s not often that you get to be up close and personal with a squirrel. Lucky for you, you get to see Jill’s daily life safely through a screen both on Instagram and YouTube.

191. Hamlet-@hamlet_the_piggy

To be a star or to not be a star? That’s probably not a question that Hamlet the pig asks herself everyday, because well, she’s a pig. Thankfully, her 386k Instagram followers can answer that question for her.

While she might not be a prince like her namesake, she is a certified therapy pig. How cool is that?

192. Melvin & Bianca-@bunnymelv

If the last few pets on this list are anything to go by, popular pet influencers are not just the typical dog or cat. Joining the mix are two cage-free bunnies, Melvin and Bianca.

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as watching a happy bunny run free and binky. Check them out to see for yourself.

193. Harlow & Sage-@harlowandsage

Harlow, a Weimaraner and Sage, a dachshund, were the best of friends until Sage sadly passed away due to old age.

Thankfully Harlow soon made a new friend Indiana, a Miniature Dachshund. Well, you know what they say- every tall girl needs a short best friend. Along the way, a few more friends have joined the group. 

Now, their posts highlight all the fun and challenges that go along with living with four dogs. While Sage is missed dearly, some legacies never die. 

194. Pooky The Munchkin- @littlemunchiepooky

Pooky might just be one of the cutest cats we have ever seen, and her 724k followers likely agree. Her owner posts a mix of pictures and videos bound to make a smile grow on your face and your day better. 

We just want to ask her one question. Does it ever get tiring being so cute?

195. Princess Aurora-@aurorapurr

You know a cat is cool when she has her own line of merchandise. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. Not to mention that she has the charisma and presence of her Disney counterpart-Princess Aurora. 

Her grace and posing skills are unmatched, which means there’s no other choice but to agree with her bio that she is “The World’s Most Royal #Cat.” When she takes her cat naps, she becomes the true sleeping beauty. 

196. Tinkerbelle The Dog-@tinkerbellethedog

Tinkerbelle is a Papillion and Maltese mix living it up in New York City. Not only is she a city girl and professional model, but she has also been kissed by big names like Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, and Lizzo. 

Her little body and seemingly large ears, give her a quirky girl-next-door charm that brings followers flocking in. But don’t be fooled by her size and cuteness, big things come in small packages. 

197. Pumpkin The Raccoon- @pumpkintheraccoon

Sadly Pumpkin has passed away, but her page lives on in her honor. Her family continues to post pictures of her siblings along with old pictures of her.

You might be wondering how her account is still so popular, but it is because she has 1.3 million loyal fans who want to remember and cherish her.

198. Lizzie & Ally-@lizzie.bear

Lizzie and Ally are two beautiful golden retriever best friends who use their page to spread “love and pawsitivity.” Now, that’s something we can support. 

Their owner Fran does an amazing job at keeping their loyal 414k followers updated on all the fun the two have each day. 

199. Lionel & Lilo The Hedgehogs- @lionelthehog

Lionel and Lilo are quite the pair as their bio suggests, “First we’re spiky, then we’re sweet.” The account is run by their mom who does a fabulous job of holding them up for aesthetic Instagram photos. 

200. Louboutina-@louboutinanyc

Louboutina, or Loubie, is yet another golden retriever wanting to spread love and kindness with the world. That good girl smile is enough to brighten up anyone’s day. 

Plus, with the way this year has gone, we could use about five hugs from this lovable pooch once it’s safe to be social again. 

Phew, we made it! Now, we hope you take some time to check out all these wonderful influencers, if you haven’t already.

Katelyn Beery is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger.com. She majors in writing at Ithaca College and hopes to pursue a career in either technical or professional writing. She can usually be found cleaning, listening to music, or gazing at clouds.

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