50 Ideas On What To Post On Instagram 

50 Ideas On What To Post On Instagram ladybossblogger.com

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas of what to post on your Instagram business account?

If you can’t think of posts now, then you will certainly be in trouble in the future. However, that is okay! We all have struggled for Instagram ideas, so we want to make this easier for you.

This article is here to help you get out of this rut. Check out our post ideas below: 

1. A tutorial video

A simple way to make sure you combine your product or service with Instagram is by creating tutorials and highlight reels. Educational videos are always a good idea when it comes to introducing your brand to new and potential clients.

No matter what you are offering from makeup tutorials to cooking classes, be sure you are being educational and not pushy for sales. Keep your customer in mind!

Tutorial ladybossblogger.com

2. Inspirational quotes

Nothing starts out the week right like an inspirational quote.

It can cure your followers’ Monday blues, get them through the mid-week slump, and motivate them to have a relaxing weekend. Either way, it will create a positive association with your brand.  

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3. Your favorite holiday

Afraid picking a favorite holiday will offend your audience? No need to worry, you can create your own holiday celebrating your brand’s birthday! It is not only playful but original. 

If that still doesn’t work for you, try celebrating a silly holiday like National Dog Day or National Puppy Day. You can get your audience involved by asking them to share their own photos celebrating with you!

4. Your morning routine

When you are in charge of your own business, a lot of people are interested in how you handle your day to day routine.

This includes your morning routine! Your audience wants to know the time you wake up, how you take your coffee, of you answer emails, and what you wear to work. This is not only great content for your account but also inspirational for your followers. 

5. Your desk space

Before you post anything about your workstation, you must be sure it is clean!

An organized desk space with cute, little decorations will motivate your followers to try and get their desks the same way. Be sure to ask your followers to share their progress with you by tagging your business in their own photos. 

6. Outfit recipe

Let’s be honest, when you are looking for outfit inspiration at work you either turn to Instagram or Pinterest. So when you are looking to post more pictures on Instagram, try sharing an outfit recipe once a week.

An outfit recipe is a video or slide of photos on how you choose between your clothes to put together the perfect office ensemble. I guarantee this will increase your engagement on your profile.

7. Create your brand’s signature cocktail

Christy Laurence of Plann suggests “Designing a cocktail (or drink) and giving it a fun name that suits your brand’s personality.” What a creative way to show your audience your fun side!

8. Flowers

You may be thinking that flowers are not part of your brand personality, however, there are about half-a-million types out there so I am sure there is one for you! Posting flowers will brighten up your feed and the moods of your followers. 

9. Apps your business uses

Another great suggestion for content from Laurence is “Spreading the word about apps, new software, or new tools that you’ve found helpful, or fun!

Found something that’s useful and think more people could benefit from knowing about it? Don’t keep it a secret, share it with your audience! The creators of the product may even get in touch to offer you something to say thanks.”

10. Someone that inspires you

Sometimes, having an idol can be daunting. It seems as though they have their entire life figured out without any help, but every person has an idol. So, to make your brand more personal, post the person who most inspires you most!

11. Create a custom graphic

In an age full of trends, being original is an advantage. One way to post original content is by creating some artwork to post on your feed. These can be anything from sketches of new products to mockups of your logo. At LadyBossBlogger, we recommend using Canva for creating graphics.

Graphic ladybossblogger.com

12. Sneak peek

Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks are always a favorite post from brands, because your customers feel a sense of exclusivity and honesty from your brand.

Showing the “messy” side of your event or photoshoot shows how authentic your brand can be, effectively building trust with your audience.

13. Ask a question

One way to improve your engagement and interact more with your customers is by adding a question and answer sticker to your story.

You can not only receive feedback from your customers directly, but you can clear up any queries they may have about your brand or product/service.

14. Hold a giveaway!

If you are able to, give away some free product or a discounted service to your followers by holding a contest.

Holding a contest ensures a couple of posts for your feed and a very engaged audience. Be wary, however, when holding a contest. If you don’t follow through on the promises you made, your contest winners could end up suing you. 

15. Start over

If your feed is getting cluttered or you are rebuilding your brand, a filler for your account is posting blank, white photos with anticipating comments regarding the revamp of your feed.

Not only does this get your audience excited for what’s next, but also the white space (recommended nine photos) breaks up your new photos from your old photos. 

16. Sunrise or Sunset

It may seem cheesy, but followers do enjoy seeing sunsets. It is one of nature’s wonders and can brighten up your customers’ moods on any given day!

17. Find an ‘Instagrammable wall’

One trend that we have consistently seen for the past 3-5 years is the “Instagrammable wall.”

Whether it be on Nashville or LA, influencers, and dedicated users of the app post photos next to iconic walls, so why not try doing it with your own brand?

Maybe try taking a picture with some employees or your logo in front of a famous wall. This shows your brand is fresh and up to date. 

18. Share something you’ve learned recently

Any article or factoid that you have learned regarding your industry is great to share for other brands. Additionally, any fun facts you learn are interesting for all accounts that follow you!

19. Books you recommend

Just like with sharing knowledge you have just learned, sharing fun or industry-specific books you are reading is great content as well!

21. Share your struggles

Laurence, again, gives us some great insight by advising us to “share something that’s challenging you at the moment or a struggle you’ve faced recently.

You never know who might be going through something similar, and reaching out and being honest will help you foster stronger connections with your community.”

22. Your coffee order

Have a specific coffee order you have every morning? How about your team? Share your orders then, and be sure to ask your followers what their go-to coffee is as well.

23. Planner

There is something so satisfying about a well planned out schedule. Post your planner with all your fun stickers and beautiful writing to get a trendy, aesthetically pleasing photo for your feed!

24. The interior of your office

Not only is a sneak peek of an event interesting, but so is a tour of your office! Seeing where your business operates every day is exciting for your consumers, especially if your space is “Instagram-worthy.”

One example of an Instagram worthy office is Allure Magazine’s office in New York. When you walk in, their name is mounted on the left side of their doors and is completely made out of makeup brushes! They are a makeup magazine after all. 

25. A photo of you

Many customers want to see a face that started their favorite brands. Posting about why you are passionate about your business and what drives you can motivate your followers in return! Plus, this makes your business more personal.

26. Repost your audience’s photos

User-generated content is some of the most persuasive content you can use, and your followers love to see it on your Instagram. It shows that you’re engaged with your community,” says Anna Gotter of Shopify.

27. Product photos

Pictures of your products are one of the easiest posts to have on Instagram. Ana Gotter of Shopify says, “Sharing content featuring your products in all their glory will, of course, help you drive sales and promote your business on Instagram.”

28. Employee spotlight

Photos that focus on your employees is a great way to build trust with your audience on Instagram. Just like how sharing your struggles make your brand more “human,” doing employee spotlights will also make your brand personable.

29. Announcements

Announcements about new business achievements are content fillers, of course, but they also can give off an exclusive vibe with your followers.

Those who do turn on your post notifications “feel like they’re in the know about a brand they love” says Gotter. 

30. Seasonal Posts

What is great about posting content for the coming of the new season is that it happens four times a year, plus it affords the opportunity to be coupled with a new announcement about your company. New season, new start!

31. Share your charity

According to Gotter, “one of the quickest ways to establish trust and loyalty in your audience is to post content showing involvement with your community.” Sharing your charity work with your audience makes them feel good about supporting your brand.

32. Post-event pic

When you post a sneak peek of an event, you are showing your audience the before product of your party. However, posting professional pictures of the actual event can make your followers feel as if they were there.

Even better yet, you can share pictures that your attendees had taken at your event onto your own feed!

33. Work with influencers

Though the age of the influencer is starting to decline, partnering with them while the time is right can be extremely beneficial.

Partnering with influencers can increase your reach with pictures being posted on two separate platforms. How perfect is that?!

34. Partner with other brands

Promoting another brand on your own feed can build a stronger community within your industry.

This does not mean that the brand you are promoting is a competitor, rather it can be a brand that complements your business. For example, your business might be producing planners and you promote a sticker company. 

35. Try some carousel posts

One of the newest updates from Instagram is the carousel feature, meaning you can post multiple pictures in one post.

One way to engage your followers with this new feature is by doing a “swipe through” of some product development for your newest items!

36. Leadership advice

If you are a front runner in your industry, then it is important you convey this to your customers. Give yourself more credibility!

Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted advises to “use Instagram to visually showcase your brand’s showcase. Show your audience what you do best in stunning and creative ways.”

37. Hyperspeed videos

Want to share your creative process with your audience, but your video is too long? No worries! Try a hyper-lapse video. Since attention spans have decreased, this is the perfect solution.

38. TBT

If you are on your last leg with ideas on what to post on Instagram, try reposting a photo or doing a #throwback to an event or product launch you had once had. This highlights your brand’s legacy and celebrates its history.

39. Share your blog posts

If your business has a blog to accompany your product or service, then try posting about your articles. “Entice your audience to read your latest blog post with a quick summary of what they’ll gain from reading it,” says Moritz. 

40. Share your tips and tricks

“Depending on your experience, and interests you can share a tip with your following. People love consuming tips and expert advice. If there’s anything you think would be helpful for your followers – share it away,” writes Arfa Nazeer of She Means Blogging.

41. Product of the month

Do you have a range of products you offer to your clients? Then try doing a product highlight series once a month. To go along with your highlight, entice customers to buy by offering a discount on the item in question. 

42. Favorite spaces

Have a place you go to outside the office to work? Share it with your followers! Those that live close by or are visiting your area might want to try out the same space as well. 

43. Podcasts you listen to

Nazeer states: “As said, your followers need to know your personal side too.” So not only to go along with what you’re reading, share the podcasts you are listening to with your followers.

44. Share your start

Who is your brand? What do they do? “Every other day, we all get new followers. It’s possible that a lot of people don’t know who you are, and what you do. It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself,” writes Afra.

45. Goal of the month

Let your audience know what your business goals are. It may just motivate them to write their own goals as well.

46. Write your own caption

“People are more likely to engage with your posts when you give them a reason to participate. Fill-in-the-blank posts or “caption this” posts are great for creating a two-way conversation.” says Elle and Co.

47. Map it out

Elle and Co strike again by suggesting a map as a post. If you ship to people all over the country, then try “posting a map is a great way to show your reach (and further legitimize your business!).”

48.  Before and after

Working on a special project for your office or your business model? Not only show your progress as you work but do a before and after shot also. It is a great way to showcase your work.

49. Reviews

If you’ve received some positive feedback from a customer, post it on Instagram! “Not only do posts like this legitimize your business, but they encourage others to leave reviews, too.” says Elle. 

50. A collage of your brand’s colors

“If you’re looking to create a theme on your Instagram but don’t have anything planned, just take a photo of something that is in your brand colors. Literally, anything that fits your theme will do for one day. You could practice doing this once a week and it may serve your Instagram grid well!” says Kayla of Ivory Mix.

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Need more ideas? Perhaps help with captions, your Instagram stories, or eve engagement,  The best way to learn about what to post is by looking at other brands in your industry. So, explore the platform, and let us know if you have found any new ideas!

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