How To Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals As Entrepreneurs With Strides

Strides is an app that allows you to set goals and track habits to optimize productivity in your life. This makes Strides a useful app for entrepreneurs, business owners, or anyone who feels overwhelmed with the franticness of life. Here is a guide on how to set attainable goals as entrepreneurs while forming sustainable habits.

What is Strides?

Strides is a site that helps you get organized and track your habits virtually. With Strides, you get to decide what you track and how you track it. When you are an entrepreneur, planning is key. Create better habits in a way that works for you!

What makes a SMART goal?

1. Get specific

When setting a goal, you need to make it as specific as possible. The more specific, the better because then it is easier to create a path to achieving that goal.

2. Make it measurable

Making a goal measurable means making it trackable. If a goal is measurable, you can track your progress by measuring the tasks that need to be done to achieve said goal.

3. Make it achievable

Having goals that are achievable is vital to your success as an entrepreneur. This isn’t to say don’t take risks, but be practical in your decision making. If you set too many giant goals at once, it will be harder to achieve and you may start to feel disheartened. Therefore, I recommend making a couple of big goals and then some small goals that are equally important. This way, you can achieve more in a short period of time.

4. Stay relevant

Being an entrepreneur, you want your goals to coincide with your brand. That means, make goals that relate to your business’ specific needs rather than what others around you might be doing.

5. Keep it timely

Putting a timeline on things is how you get stuff done. You can make all the goals in the world, but if there is no timeline on when things need to be completed by they may never actually get done. So, create time limits on certain goals. This isn’t to say you need to put pressure on yourself to complete everything as fast as you can, but create a realistic timeframe that each goal can be completed by.


All in all, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Entrepreneurs know how to get things done! So trust yourself and your knowledge. Strides is sure to help you create a more organized and productive business.

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